Do gift cards expire or have any fees?

Sprouts gift cards never expire. After 12 months of inactivity, as of the date of purchase, a service fee may be charged against any remaining balance, except where prohibited by law.

Are the fresh turkeys sold at Sprouts ever frozen?

No. Sprouts turkeys are fresh, never frozen. This means that they’ve been kept at the right temperature for optimum freshness and safety. Unlike frozen solid turkeys, which are typically brought down to 30° below zero, the fresh turkeys at Sprouts have been shipped to us and stored at temperatures between 26°F and 28°F (as required by law). The below-freezing temperature causes some ice to appear in the cavity and possibly around the joints. This ice is frozen water, not frozen meat.

What is the difference between a no antibiotics ever, all-natural turkey and an organic turkey? What is the salt/sodium content?

We’re proud to offer two turkey options for holiday pre-orders: a No Antibiotics Ever, All-natural Turkey and an Organic Turkey. Both turkeys are raised without any antibiotics. There are no enhancers or salt-based solutions (brine) added to our turkeys … just pure turkey! Our organic turkey is free-range, humanely raised and fed a Certified Organic diet on family farms.

Do I have to pre-order, or can I make purchases in store or online for delivery or curbside pickup?

Online pre-orders allow you to confidently order your turkey and other meats, holiday meals and party trays in advance, but you can still purchase these items in store without a pre-order (subject to your store’s availability). Orders for delivery or curbside pickup can be placed exclusively at Availability may vary. We recommend validating your delivery address or store pickup location prior to placing your order. On the day of fulfillment, your shopper will communicate any substitutions or out-of-stocks with you.

How can I change or cancel my holiday pre-order?

Holiday pre-orders cannot be changed once the order is placed. To choose a different item, please cancel your order and begin a new order. Please note, reorders are subject to product availability. Holiday pre-orders may be canceled for a full refund with no additional fees up until two days before the scheduled in-store pickup. If you do not cancel the order two days in advance, and fail to pick up the order, you will be charged the full amount of the order. To cancel your order, view your order within purchase history and click the “Cancel Order” button.

How will I be charged for my pre-order purchase?

Please note, your bank will place a temporary pre-authorization hold for the cost of your order, rounded to the nearest dollar, on your account to ensure payment is available upon pickup. The pre-authorization is renewed every seven days until the transaction is completed on your selected pickup date. If authorization cannot be renewed on your card, your order will be systematically canceled. The temporary hold on your card will be released on your pickup date and you will only be charged for the cost of your pre-order at the end of that day.

What is the process for picking up my pre-order and checking out in store?

On your selected pickup date, visit the Meat counter to pick up pre-ordered turkeys, holiday meats and shrimp trays, and the Deli counter to pick up holiday meals and party trays. Holiday pre-orders are not eligible for curbside pickup. Your order must include a “Paid” sticker to bypass the registers. The temporary hold on your card will be released on your pickup date and you will only be charged for the cost of your pre-order at the end of that day.