Gluten-Free 5-day Meal Plan

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Gluten-Free Tahini Granola

Cranberry Maple Tahini Granola

This granola is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. Eat it by itself or add your favorite milk for a hot or cold cereal.

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Gluten-Free Veggie Pasta Salad

Mediterranean Veggie Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is perfect to make ahead for the week. Easily make your lunches in under 30 minutes and fuel your day with fresh veggies and protein.

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Gluten-Free Ranch Popcorn

Zesty Ranch Popcorn

Popcorn is a naturally gluten-free snack that is packed with fiber! This recipe has a perfect zesty flavor and is great for kids and adults alike.

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Gluten-Free Thai Veggie Wraps

Thai Veggie Protein Wraps

This recipe will keep you feeling full from the high-fiber and protein and is so verstile. Get creative and use in wraps or on top of salads.

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