Fall Bucket List

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The long-awaited fall season brings a variety of fun and exciting things to try! Make the most of the short days by creating a bucket list with seasonal activities like decorating unique pumpkins, or stay home and bake up some sweet goodness. We’ve compiled a few things to get your list started, but feel free to add your own along the way, so you don’t miss any of your fall favorites.

Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies

Vegan Snickerdoodles

The combination of maple syrup and cinnamon creates the ultimate fall-flavored treat! These vegan snickerdoodles are soft, fluffy and chewy on the inside, with just the right amount of cinnamon crunch on the outside.

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Pumpkin filled with fresh flowers

Create a gourd floral arrangement

Switch it up and use a unique pumpkin for a beautiful floral arrangement! Once the center is carved out, a pumpkin becomes a great vessel to hold flowers as an eye-catchng centerpiece on your fall tablescape.

How to:

  • Pick your favorite round gourd (the more colorful, the better!)
  • Cut the top of the gourd off, with at least a six-inch opening
  • Remove the seeds and clean out the inside (save the seeds to use in a recipe below!)
  • Place a small, water-filled vase or jar inside
  • Cut your flower stems down accordingly and arrange as desired

  • Cup of apple cider

    Make homemade apple cider

    Nothing says fall quite like a slow cooker, cinnamon and crisp apples … so why not combine them all! This simple apple cider will fill your home with all the warm and cozy scents of the season.

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    Pizza with cauliflower crust

    Decorate the outside of a pumpkin

    We’ve all been there … you meticulously pick out your perfect pumpkin and carve it into a masterpiece right away, but it doesn’t last as long as you’d hoped! This year, decorate the outside using things like ribbon, paint, decorative pins or glitter to help it last longer. Learn about all the different pumpkin varieties that will be available to decorate this fall!

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    Roasted pumpkin seeds in mason jarst

    Roast pumpkin seeds

    You saved those pumpkin seeds from your floral arrangement, right? Put all those pumpkin-carving goods to use by tossing the seeds in a variety of your favorite spices and roasting them in the oven! These tiny seeds are full of essential nutrients like magnesium, zinc and fiber—a perfect snack for a fall adventure!

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    gluten free pumpkin bars

    Bake a pumpkin treat

    Baking with pumpkin is always a fall staple. The creamy texture and subtle pumpkin flavor elevates a variety of recipes. Whether you use fresh pumpkin carved straight from the gourd, or our Sprouts Organic Canned Pumpkin, it’s at the top of our list for a tasty reason. Check this one off of yours with these delicious gluten-free pumpkin bars!

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