Jumbo Blueberries

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  Jumbo Blueberries on green napkin

Bigger Berries for Bigger Flavor!

With their firm bite, beautiful violet hue, and delicious sweet-tart flavor, Jumbo Blueberries are the perfect snack and are ripe right now! Larger than their standard cousin, Jumbo Blueberries are grown without the use of GMOs and are completely natural. Traditional cross-pollination uses the best combinations that allow for crisp, richly flavored Jumbo Blueberries. Jumbo Blueberries are a great example of the different berry experiences that Sprouts sources for you to enjoy! For scale, Jumbo Blueberries are about three-quarters of an inch or larger in diameter, which means that sometimes a blueberry in a Jumbo package can be the size of a quarter. Hurry in for big berry flavor – the season’s almost over!

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