Cotton Candy Grapes

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Sweet like the sugar-spun treat from our childhood, Cotton Candy Grapes are plump, juicy and bursting with real cotton candy flavor! But how did they manage to capture that cotton candy flavor? By working closely with their breeding partners, The Grapery used a wide range of natural, cross-pollination combinations. Through hard work and a little luck, the Cotton Candy Grape was discovered! Fun and healthy, this fruit is one you have to taste to believe! These sustainably grown, non-GMO grapes are in-season, but only for a limited time. Perfect for school lunches, on-the-go snacks or an evening dessert – these grapes can’t be missed.

Cotton Candy Grapes in box

The Grapery

The Grapery’s passion for the perfect grape is translated into their care from plant to plate. Jim and Jack (owners and dedicated farmers), taste their crops every morning and decide which fruits are ready for harvest; a unique approach and one that makes for the best eating experience possible. Caring for the soil health and providing their plants with optimal care, ensures The Grapery’s all-natural grapes are deliciously plump and always flavorful.