Valentine’s Dinner For Two

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Valentines dinner spread

Celebrate Love with a Meal to Remember!

Delight in a wholesome dinner for two this Valentine’s Day with a variety of uniquely delicious ingredients! Treat that special someone to a homemade, three-course meal with their favorites like a tender, juicy steak aside buttery lobster tails. End the night with decadent and swoon-worthy chocolate treats like chocolate-covered strawberries for a romantic dessert.

Appetizers made from the heart

heart-shaped salami with crackers

Start your night with a simple plate of finger foods for an easy-to-make appetizer. Lovely items like heart-shaped crackers and salami, creamy hummus and fresh veggies make an eye-catching dish perfect for sharing.

Try these unique pairings:

  • Heart-shaped salami
  • Heart-shaped crackers
  • French onion dip
  • Lemon garlic hummus
  • Variety of fresh veggies

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steak and lobster tail dinner

Buttery steak and lobster tails

Bring that five-star dinner treatment home this Valentine’s Day! A flavorful 100% grass-fed ribeye steak paired with succulent lobster tails make a great meal for two that feels extra fancy without the extra-fancy price tag.

Try these unique pairings:

  • 100% grass-fed NY strip steak
  • Poached lobster tail with butter
  • Sautèed organic asparagus

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chocolate covered strawberries

Decadent desserts

There’s always room for dessert! Chocolate-covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day classic that you can make together as a romantic activity, or pickup a pre-made batch from Sprouts for a ready-to-eat treat. Pair them with a handful of other shareable treats from the Bulk Department like chocolate-covered cherries, dark chocolate almonds and milk chocolate gummi bears.

Try these unique pairings:

  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Chocolate-covered cherries
  • Dark chocolate almonds
  • Fresh berries
  • Mixed nuts

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Cook a lovely meal for that special someone!