Traditional Ham with a Twist

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Put together a delicious Easter spread full of uncured and gluten-free centerpiece hams—every bunny will say
the meal is “ham-tastic!”

Baked Ham with Apricot
and Orange Glaze

Flavors from the apricot and orange will surprise your taste buds and have everyone going back for seconds.

Thanks to Alyssa at for this recipe.

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sliced baked him with orange glaze on a plate

Pomegranate Maple Glazed Ham

Roasted with a sweet and decadent glaze, this ham features flavors of pomegranate, citrus and maple.

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Maple glazed ham on a serving plate

Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Ham

Take the stress out of Easter with this easy-to-make slow cooker ham covered in a honey glaze with brown sugar and cloves.

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Slow cooker honey glazed ham on a serving platter

Garlic and Pineapple Glazed Ham

This ham has maximum flavor with its pineapple, garlic and dijon glaze with notes of brown sugar and cloves.

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Garlic pineapple ham on a tabletop

Herb and Citrus Glazed Ham

Serve up a zesty ham smothered in herbs and fresh citrus for a satisfying sweet and herbaceous flavor.

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herb citrus rubbed ham in a baking pan