Seasonal Wellness Tonics

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Sip your way to wellness with simple tonics!

Take good care of you and your family this season with a little help from these easy-to-make tonics that are packed with vitamins! Our convenient Sprouts Fizzy Vitamin C Packets come in a variety of tasty flavors and contain 1000mg of Vitamin C, combined with essential antioxidants and electrolytes—perfect for a refreshing drink! If you prefer to cozy up to something warm, try adding a tablespoon of our Sprouts Umckaloabo & Zinc Syrup to a warm tea for an extra boost of nutrients.
Fizzy Vitamin C Tonic

Spiced Citrus Mulled Juice

Warm and comforting, this juice is filled with aromatic spices like cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, making it a delightful drink for the whole family.

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Elderberry Hot Toddy

Warm Elderberry Tonic

Cozy up with this warm elderberry tonic combined with fresh lemon, honey and a touch of cinnamon.

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Fire cider drink

Homemade Spiced Apple Cider

This homemade spiced apple cider is easily made in a pressure cooker for a delicious, fall drink.

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Vitamin C sangria

Fizzy Elderberry Sangria Mocktail

This sangria mocktail features our Sprouts Elderberry Vitamin C Fizzy Packet and is combined with crisp apples, pears and oranges.

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Vitamin C tonic

Fizzy Cherry Lime Mocktail

Packed with Vitamin C, lime and ginger, this refreshing mocktail is full of bright flavors!

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