Sprouts Artisan Bread

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Simple Ingredients

When it comes to our artisan breads, we truly believe less is more! After all, it’s the simple things that taste best, and with only three main ingredients, our artisan breads are deliciously simple—no preservatives, no artificial colors or ingredients. We’re also proud to share that each one of our specially crafted breads are made in small batches using non-GMO verified, freshly-milled flour to give you that authentic homemade taste and quality in every loaf. Once you experience the hearty crust and soft, pillowy center, you’ll be reaching for seconds … and thirds!

Pure Goodness

Knowing where your food comes from is just as important as what’s in it. That’s why all varieties of Sprouts artisan breads are made with pure ingredients that are completely traceable! Our partnership with American farmers ensures complete transparency in every step, from the seeds planted and wheat harvested, to the milling and baking process using only water and salt. You can trust that your bread is pure and satisfying from farm to table, every time.

Experience these small-batch loaves that are big in flavor!