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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market partners with local farmers across the country to bring goodness into each of our communities. Sourcing local produce from family-run farms like Stauffer Huling Farms and Lady Moon Farms allows us to offer you a variety of unique items every season. We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in Pennsylvania to bring you and your family the best produce that’s full of goodness!

Harnish Farms farmer holding a pumpkin, and an arial view of the farm

Harnish Farms

Enjoy seasonal pumpkins from Harnish Farms! Harnish Farms began in 2009 when the owner, Bryan Harnish, turned his passion for agricultural sciences into a wholesome farming company, growing high-quality produce for his community. During the fall, you can expect to find unique varieties of pumpkins like beautifully white Casperita pumpkins, spooky Warty Goblins and your traditional carving pumpkins too!

Frecon Farms owner holding fruit and sitting on a crate, and a crate in front of a fruit tree.

Frecon Farms

Frecon Farms is a third generation, family-owned farm growing crisp apples and juicy peaches locally in Boyertown, Pennsylvania! Founder Richard Frecon established his first orchard with his wife, Martha, in 1944 where they grew fresh, high-quality apples and other tree fruit for the community to enjoy. Years later, their son, Henry, expanded the orchard and storefront by introducing new fruit varieties, improving production and adding new services to their retail location. Today, Frecon Farms is run by the family’s third generation as they strive to bring innovative items and unique offerings like hard ciders, baked goods and delectable apples to the Pennsylvania area.

Stauffer farms farmer working behind a tractor, an image of the crop fields, and cauliflower in a shipping bin.

Stauffer Huling Farms

Enjoy locally grown cauliflower and broccoli crowns from Stauffer Huling Farms, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania! This family farm is fully-integrated and takes great pride in their transparency and traceability of every crop. The broccoli and cauliflower from Stauffer Huling Farms are easily distinguished by their impressive size. At almost 7-inches a crown, they are the perfect vegetable to feed your whole family!

Hess brothers walking through trees, hands holding apples, and apples spilling from a basket.

Hess Brothers Fruit Company

Hess Brothers Fruit Company has been specializing in sourcing high-quality, premium apple varieties since 1967! Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, this family-owned company proudly partners with the best growers in the state, as well as surrounding states like New York and Virginia. Some of the most unique apple varieties you can expect to see grown locally from Pennsylvania are SnapDragon® and WildTwist®. Both have familiar characteristics of the popular Honeycrisp with a sweet-tart crunch—perfect for snacking!

Lady Moon Farmer, and boxes and crates of produce products.

Lady Moon Farms

Lady Moon Farms has been providing the freshest, organic produce to the local community since 1988! Founders Tom & Christine Beddard started the farm on 10 acres with a dream to grow healthy, nutritious food for their family while respecting mother nature. The farm has since grown to include land in Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania to allow for year-round, farm-fresh produce. They are proud to grow a variety of vegetables from zucchini and kale to juicy grape tomatoes for their local community. Lady Moon Farms is USDA Organic Certified and strives to take a holistic approach to growing food the way it should be enjoyed—naturally!

Copenhaver farmers doing quality checks on green beans.

Copenhaver Produce

Copenhaver Produce is a family-owned farm founded in 1983. Located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, this unique farm specializes in growing no-till, small-batch green beans. Small batches are carefully executed from seed to harvest, to bring you and your family the best green beans around! Their no-till farming method allows the crop to be planted directly into the soil, ensuring the beans absorb all of the essential nutrients and minerals from the ground.

Farmer in front of his crops in a greenhouse.

King Family Farms

King Family Farms grows a variety of organic tomatoes in New Holland, Pennsylvania for you and your family to enjoy. This Amish family farm began growing high-quality produce in 2007 and became USDA Organic Certified in 2011. They take great pride in the care and attention to detail every crop receives. By tracking each plant from seed to harvest, they ensure the freshest produce arrives to your table every time!