Fall Comfort Pork Recipes

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Raising the standards

A great, flavorful dish starts at the source of each ingredient. That’s why you’ll only find the best meat from your local Sprouts butcher! Our pork is raised by midwestern family farms without any antibiotics or hormones, ever! Their diet consists of only vegetarian ingredients, leaving out any unnecessary fillers to allow for nutrient-rich feedings. You can truly taste the difference in every bite when you create a dish full of goodness with high-quality pork! Still not convinced? Give these recipes a try!

Ginger glazed pork with broccoli

Ginger Glazed Pork

These boneless pork chops are sautéed and doused in a delicious ginger glaze. Salty, spicy and oh-so scrumptious, these one-pot pork chops are sure to be a winner at your dinner table!

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Mushroom garlic roasted pork in a pan

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pork Chops

Pork chops and mushrooms are a perfect match made in the kitchen! Ready in under 30 minutes, these tender and juicy chops are pan-fried with a creamy garlic-mushroom sauce.

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Marinated pork in cast-iron skillet

Pork Marbella

Enjoy a sweet and savory pork dish this fall! This meal is full of unique flavors with the combination of dried prunes, Italian olives, white wine, capers and fresh herbs.

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