Everyday and Seasonal Florals at Sprouts

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Everyday and Seasonal Florals at Sprouts

Explore a variety of roses, colorful bouquets, and more—perfect for gifting or brightening up your home.

Tips for Buying Fresh Flowers

Whether they’re for a graduation, birthday or just to say “I love you,” there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect blooms.
  • Purpose–Determine the occasion and who will be receiving the flowers. That can help you decide which arrangement is best.
  • Quality–Look for the freshest flowers with sturdy stems, vibrant colors and firm petals, signaling their freshness.
  • Expert Guidance–Chat with one of our expert team members in-store who can help recommend seasonal picks and unique combinations.

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Building a Beautiful Bouquet

Create your stunning arrangement by removing unwanted leaves and making a diagonal cut to the bottom of the stems. Place the trimmed stems into a vase with water and begin to layer your flowers with different shapes and sizes. Start with a focal flower and build around it to maintain symmetry and embrace the uniqueness of the florals.

Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Extend the life of your flowers with these 6 expert tips:
  • Trim stems daily
  • Remove the lower leaves from stems
  • Replace water in the vase every day
  • Keep away from direct light and heat
  • Pluck wilted flowers out of the arrangement
  • Add flower food as needed

Meet the Flower Grower

Who They Are:
A family-owned and operated flower grower since 1987 committed to social responsibility.

What They Grow:
Beautiful fresh-cut and sustainably sourced flowers.

Why We Love Them:
Being a vertically integrated flower grower they control multiple aspects of production, including cultivation, processing and distribution, allowing them to continuously improve their responsible growing practices.

Feeling Inspired by All the Blooms?

Gifting fresh flowers is a thoughtful way to show somebody you care. Check out a few ways to showcase your beautiful bouquet.
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