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Bread, veggie bites and strawberriesHilary’s creates convenient, culinary-inspired foods that are made from real ingredients and are free from common allergens. On a mission to help the American diet, Hilary’s is an innovator and disruptor in the natural-food industry, creating delicious, family-friendly, common allergen-free foods for anyone seeking tasty, nourishing cuisine. Hilary’s robust portfolio includes frozen veggie burgers, frozen veggie bites, shelf-stable salad dressings and frozen-veggie breakfast sausages. Hilary’s new Frozen Veggie Breakfast Sausages continue the company’s tradition of developing appealing, culinary-inspired foods and prove that free-from eating can be packed with flavor and nutrition. Hilary’s Frozen Veggie Breakfast Sausages are crafted with plant-based whole foods like millet, lentils, dates and hemp seeds; not to mention free from common allergens including wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts and corn. Available in Spicy Sausage and Apple Maple Sausage, these veggie sausages are mouthwateringly delicious, incredibly easy to make, family friendly, and best of all, safe for anyone regardless of food allergies, special diets or ingredient sensitivities. All Hilary’s products are Certified Gluten Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Certified Organic, and free from common allergens including wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts and corn.  

Herb Pharm

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Flower fieldLocated in Southern Oregon, Herb Pharm™ is a grower and producer of certified organic medicinal herbs and herbal healthcare products. Herb Pharm™ has been making herbal products since 1979, cultivating health from the land in the traditions set forth and perfected by herbalists over millennia. By using the latest technology and proven clinical practices in tandem with ancient healing traditions, Herb Pharm™ provides a natural path to health. Not only is it made in harmony with the earth, Herb Pharm™ is a leader in sustainable and socially responsible practices within the herbal industry. Whether you’re interested in improving your stamina or giving your immune system a much-needed boost, Herb Pharm™ offers a diverse line of herbal healthcare products to support your health goals.  

The story of Earthbound Farm

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Earthbound Farm Salad and StrawberriesThe story of Earthbound Farm sounds like a foodie fairy tale. What began in 1984, as a rented raspberry patch and farm stand in Carmel Valley, California, has become the nation’s largest producer of organic produce. There’s no question that founders Drew and Myra Goodman have transformed the way America eats salad. Today, Earthbound Farm grows more than half of the organic salads sold in supermarkets across the country. During their humble beginnings, the Goodman’s decided that doing the right thing meant committing to farming the land organically. They vowed to grow and package food they would feel good about serving their families, friends and neighbors. That labor of love became Earthbound Farm, and that original commitment has never wavered. At Sprouts, you can shop a variety of Earthbound Farm frozen organic fruits and vegetables, as well as a number of organic salads and Deep Green Blends, such as the Kale and Power. The Kale is a medley of tender baby kale leaves, packed with antioxidants, fiber and flavor. While the Power is a versatile mix of tender baby spinach, baby red and green chards, and baby kales ready for salads, smoothies and recipes. The best part is no washing or de-stemming is necessary!  

Discover the New Chapter Difference!

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Rooted in Herbal Tradition

Based in Brattleboro, Vermont, New Chapter’s mission from the start in 1982 has been to deliver the wisdom of nature through a unique whole-food approach to vitamins and supplements. New Chapter® goes to great lengths to bring you Earth’s perfect ingredients for holistic health. Their intention is always to nourish body and soul with the remarkable intelligence of pure whole foods and herbs. The company is dedicated to both scientific validation and time-tested herbal tradition, and ensures that each product represents a new chapter in its category.

Pioneers of Sustainability

New Chapter has long been working toward an organic, sustainable world. They were the first in the supplement industry to produce a full line of multivitamins under the standards of the National Organic Program (NOP). New Chapter’s entire multivitamin family is made with certified organic vegetables and herbs. New Chapter is also committed to avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They were the first vitamin and supplement company to be Non-GMO Project Verified, and 100% of New Chapter multivitamins have been granted verified status. New Chapter is also a pioneer in fermenting vitamins and minerals with beneficial probiotics and whole foods—their multivitamin line is gentle enough to take anytime, even on an empty stomach. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Video description: New Chapter’s Every Woman™’s One Daily multivitamin is different—fermented with probiotics and whole foods and gentle even on an empty stomach.  

Castor & Pollux Pet Food

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Castor & Pollux Pet FoodA leader in organic and natural pet food, Castor & Pollux brings safe, high-quality pet food to the market because they believe that good nutrition leads to healthy, happy pets. Choose from a variety of pet food and treats (also available grain-free). The ORGANIX® line is the most complete line of USDA certified organic food for pets. Additionally, Natural Ultramix uses real pieces of fruits and vegetables for dogs, and proprietary Carnivore Health Boost™ for cats. And to reward your favorite pet companion, find a selection of Good Buddy treats. By carefully crafting each bite using some of the finest ingredients, such as chicken or turkey as the #1 ingredient in all their foods, your cat or dog receives complete and balanced nutrition at mealtime. Not only is Castor & Pollux helping to feed your pet good nutrition, they have also helped feed more than four million meals to pets living in shelters and foster homes, as well as partnering with non-profit pet organizations around the country.  


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Udi’s® Gluten Free makes every day just a little more delicious. As the #1 dedicated gluten-free brand in North America, Udi’s is on a mission to create the best tasting food on the planet that just happens to be gluten-free. Udi’s offers a delicious variety of certified gluten-free products—from bread, bagels and muffins, to frozen pizza, burritos and frozen meals. Follow them on Udi’s FacebookUdi’s Instagram, and Udi’s Twitter for delicious gluten-free recipes that will fill your stomach and warm your soul. Udi’s products can be found at Sprouts locations nationwide. Looking for a refreshing summertime treat? Watch the recipe below to make your own Udi’s Gluten Free Granola Yogurt Pops!
Video description: Learn how to make Granola Yogurt Pops.


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TruenopalIn an effort to find a healthier, better-tasting alternative to coconut water and sugary sports drinks, truenopal cactus water was born. The seven naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals, including potassium and magnesium, in truenopal cactus water will hydrate your body. It has a refreshing fruit taste and uses all-natural ingredients with no added sugars, sodium, preservatives, fat or GMOs, and it’s even vegan and gluten-free. In other words, it is straight from the earth, just the way it was intended to be. Oh BTW, truenopal has less than half the calories and sugar as coconut water. Drink true…be true. The number-one selling cactus-water brand in the world, truenopal is an innovator of the category. They believe in providing products that taste good and are good for you by helping support an active, healthy lifestyle. The company is passionate about doing things that are good for the environment by maintaining a faithful commitment to preserving and sustaining the planet with a socially conscious effort to help make our world a better place. Become a part of the truenopal community by following on Truenopal’s FacebookTruenopal’s Instagram and Truenopal’s Twitter.        

The Derma E Difference

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Derma E® was founded in 1984 by David Stearn and Dr. Linda Miles with the humble commitment of offering skin-friendly, earth-friendly, highly effective skincare. This commitment still guides everything Derma E® does today. Derma E® now offers over 80 unique face-care, body-care and treatment items enriched with healthy vitamins and antioxidants to address various skin types and concerns. Each item is still hand-formulated by Dr. Linda and is produced in David Stearn’s family-owned, small-batch manufacturing facility in Southern California. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Linda ascribes to the antioxidant theory of aging. She designed the Derma E® line to quench the environmental oxidative stress that ages and debilitates the skin. Hence, Derma E® facial skincare products are formulated with active levels of scientifically proven antioxidants such as astaxanthin, Pycnogenol®, C Ester and vitamin E. Derma E® Therapeutic Topicals utilize vitamins and botanicals to address a wide variety of skin conditions and physical ailments such as blemishes, age spots, scars and aching extremities. Derma E® is passionate about a future with healthier skin, a healthier environment and a healthier world.
  • To respect skin, every Derma E® formula is paraben-free, phthalate-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, petrolatum-free, mineral oil-free and dye-free.
  • To respect animal friends, every Derma E® formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Finished formulas are never tested on animals.
  • To respect the environment, Derma E® products are made with recyclable material and offset 100% of electrical usage with wind energy certificates.
  • To respect the world, Derma E® actively volunteers and supports the humanitarian organizations, animal welfare and land conservation programs that are near and dear to their hearts, including Vitamin Angels, Special Olympics, Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND), the World Wildlife Fund and Polaris Project. A percentage of all product sales are donated to The Paraguay Project, a non-profit program established to aid the disadvantaged people, rainforests and land of Paraguay.

Suncoast Gold

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Suncoast Gold has an extensive reputation of sourcing premium macadamia nuts and creating delicious Australian-made products. Their range includes crunchy flavored macadamia nuts, superior macadamia oil and an exciting, one-of-a-kind macadamia milk. Their variety of products cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers by offering Macadamia milkproducts that are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Suncoast Gold uses premium nuts in all products and carefully slow roasts macadamias several times to bring out their delicate bouquet of flavor. With the macadamia nut being indigenous to Australia, they take pride in being an Australian brand and create a quality product, which is farmed in a sustainable manner. Suncoast Gold was added to the Patons Macadamia confectionary business in 2012 to compliment the ‘sweet’ chocolate macadamia offering with a delicious savory macadamia range of products. With the launch of the ground-breaking macadamia milk in December 2014, Suncoast Gold followed the trend of non-dairy beverage alternatives and delivered a unique and innovative product in the health-food sector. Since its initial launch, Suncoast Gold relaunched their macadamia milk in March this year with a brand-new formula and look but with the same rich, smooth and creamy taste. Available in two variants, Original and Unsweetened, macadamia-nut milk is a tasty and healthy alternative to soy, oat and almond milks. It tastes great on its own, in smoothies or as an ingredient in various recipes and cocktails. Macadamia milk is naturally lactose-, cholesterol-, gluten- and GMO-free. Tess Masters, of popular health blog, The Blender Girl, touts macadamia milk’s taste profile: “Suncoast Gold Macadamia Milk is the richest, creamiest and most delicious plant-based milk I’ve ever had! It’s like drinking ice-cream, but so much healthier! Move over almond milk, there is a new star in the kitchen!” Find out more about the brand, its products and delicious recipes on www.suncoastgoldmac.com Connect with Suncoast Gold on Suncoast Gold’s Facebook, Suncoast Gold’s Twitter and Suncoast Gold’s Instagram!  


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Siggi’s Dairy began in 2004 when Siggi Hilmarsson felt homesick for skyr (pronounced “skeer”), a strained yogurt that has been a staple in the Icelandic diet for more than 1,000 years. The yogurts he found on shelves in the United States were much too sweet and artificial for his liking. He longed for the wholesome, unprocessed food of his childhood. Siggi's yougyrt pumpkin and spice His mother sent him a recipe and with that, he began making skyr in his small New York City kitchen. Within just a few months, Siggi refined his technique, quit his day job and moved his humble skyr-making operation from his home kitchen to a full-scale dairy plant in Upstate New York. True to Icelandic tradition, Siggi’s products do not contain any artificial preservatives, thickeners, sweeteners, flavors or colors and are made with milk from family farms that do not use growth hormones. Siggi’s Dairy is committed to making delicious, healthier yogurt products with simple ingredients, rich in protein and not a lot of sugar.

Now Available at Sprouts!

Siggi’s delicious skyr is available at Sprouts every day. Choose from 0% non-fat yogurt, 2% low-fat yogurt and 4% whole-milk yogurt in 14 protein-rich flavors. Siggi’s is a healthier choice with less sugar, more protein and naturally gluten-free. And did we mention they’re made using grass-fed cow’s milk? Siggi’s Skyr is also available in 0% plain or vanilla 24-ounce tubs. Got filmjölk? Siggi’s Filmjölk is a drinkable yogurt available in four delicious varieties: raspberry, vanilla, blueberry and plain. Delicious on its own, in smoothies or poured over granola or fruit. Siggi’s has the perfect solution for busy families too! An ultimate grab-and-go snack, Siggi’s yogurt tubes are easy to hold, open and eat. Siggi’s squeezable yogurt tubes are made with only 5 ingredients and contain only 5 grams of total sugar. Siggi’s invites you to try all their delicious and healthier yogurt products made with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. Join us today and follow along on our Siggi’s Facebook, Siggi’s Instagram and Siggi’s Twitter.