Tennessee Grown

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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market partners with local farmers across the country to bring goodness into each of our communities. Sourcing local produce from family-run farms across Tennessee allows us to offer you a variety of unique items every season. We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in Tennessee to bring you and your family the best produce that’s full of goodness!

Pile of squash and other vegetables, and image of farmer & field.

Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetable, Inc.

Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetable, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Kent Hamilton, a sixth generation farmer, along with his father, brother and best friend. Today, Southern Valley is a woman-owned and family-operated growing, packing and shipping facility that provides our stores with fresh zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant and pickling cucumbers! Staying true to their farming roots, Southern Valley handles every aspect of the growing process from the seeds planted in their greenhouses, to harvesting and hand-packaging the best produce for your family.

Farm Fresh Dairy

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Dairy Scene Illustration

Experience the difference of farm-fresh dairy!

At Sprouts, we source only the best dairy, eggs and cheese for you and your family to enjoy. That’s why we take good care to ensure our products are full of all the goodness you need, without all the things you don’t. When you shop our wide variety of eggs and dairy, like cage-free eggs or rBST-free milk, you can feel good knowing these household staples are crafted with quality in mind. Milk

Delicious dairy

With so many different labels like raw, pasteurized, rBST-free, grass-fed and organic, it can be hard to know what you’re looking for when choosing your milk. At Sprouts, we make it simple by proudly carrying ALL rBST-free* milk and yogurt! rBST was created in the 90s to increase a cow’s ability to produce milk. Although the dairy industry has been allowed to use rBST in their cows for decades, we believe non-GMO and rBST-free milk is best. Plus, we strive to work with local dairy farms whenever possible to source high-quality, wholesome milk. When you enjoy locally-sourced milk from Sprouts, you’re not only supporting the community, but you get to experience fresher, tastier milk straight from the farm to your table.

What about organic?

When you shop USDA Certified Organic milk, cheese or yogurts, you can feel confident it’s free from rBGH or rBST. Strict regulations are set by the USDA to prohibit the use of any synthetic hormone in certified organic products. Certified organic milk also requires the animal to be kept in a healthy, low-stress environment—happy cows make the best milk!

Grass-fed? We have that too!

The term “grass-fed” has been a hot topic in the meat industry for a while and it’s beginning to make a strong name in the dairy industry as well! Grass-fed dairy means that the cows are fed only grass during their life–no corn, soy or grains. Some organic milk will come from grass-fed cows since organic standards require some access to the outdoors, allowing for natural grazing.

*Sprouts offers pasture-raised and other varieties of milk and eggs. Milk is pasteurized before bottling, except in AZ and CA where raw milk is sold.


Cage-free, free-range, pasture-raised … oh my!

All of our Sprouts Brand eggs are cage-free or better and we strive to ensure any other brand we bring into our store upholds at least cage-free standards.
  • Cage-free: This means the animal is not contained in a cage and they are free to walk around in a sheltered environment. However, this method doesn’t require the animal to have any outdoor access.
  • Free-range: The USDA’s definition for free-range requires the bird has access to the outdoors in some capacity. If a brand claims “free-range”, it often means that the animal has access to the outdoors but doesn’t mean they are certified free-range. The HFAC’s Certified Humane® requires at least 2 sq. ft. per bird with at least six hours of outside time per day.
  • Pasture-raised: This requires at least 108 sq. ft. of outdoor access per bird year-round and indoor protection available for the animal in order to be certified pasture-raised.

  • Cheese Varieties

    More cheese, please!

    No matter how you slice it …

    A good, quality cheese is always grate. All of our bulk cheeses are fresh cut daily in-store and crafted from all-natural, whole milk. Plus, all of our bulk cheeses and packaged shredded cheeses are rBST-free! We carry a wide variety of specialty cheeses like creamy gouda made from grass-fed cow’s milk, hand-crafted blue cheese and delectable mozzarella from Wisconsin—and so many more! Don’t just take our curd for it, next time you whip up a tasty cheese board, browse our delicious selection of craft cheeses and try something new.

    Shop Dairy, Eggs and Cheese!

    Sprouts Artisan Bread

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    Simple Ingredients

    When it comes to our artisan breads, we truly believe less is more! After all, it’s the simple things that taste best, and with only three main ingredients, our artisan breads are deliciously simple—no preservatives, no artificial colors or ingredients. We’re also proud to share that each one of our specially crafted breads are made in small batches using non-GMO verified, freshly-milled flour to give you that authentic homemade taste and quality in every loaf. Once you experience the hearty crust and soft, pillowy center, you’ll be reaching for seconds … and thirds!

    Pure Goodness

    Knowing where your food comes from is just as important as what’s in it. That’s why all varieties of Sprouts artisan breads are made with pure ingredients that are completely traceable! Our partnership with American farmers ensures complete transparency in every step, from the seeds planted and wheat harvested, to the milling and baking process using only water and salt. You can trust that your bread is pure and satisfying from farm to table, every time.

    Experience these small-batch loaves that are big in flavor!

    Pick Your Perfect Pear

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    How to spot a pear-fectly ripe pear:

    Pears are a perfect winter fruit to be added to your favorite baked dishes, savory meals or simply enjoyed on their own! When selecting pears, gently press your thumb at the neck to test for ripeness: the more give you feel, the riper the pear is. Store at room temperature until they reach optimal ripeness, then refrigerate.


    Did you know?

    Pears are rich in copper, folate, manganese, potassium and vitamin K. These powerful fruits are a great way to boost your daily nutrient intake!

    Dig into these unique varieties in-store this season!


    Delivering a blast of super sweet juice, the Bartlett pear has a definitive flavor perfect for eating fresh out of hand. Prep Tip: Try it sliced in a green salad with your favorite dressing.


    Enjoyable at various stages, the Concorde Pear is very sweet and Aromatic with a juicy, sweet-tart flavor and firm texture. Prep Tip: Crisp and firm like an apple, these can be enjoyed both raw and cooked in baked goods, salads or juiced for marinades and sauces.


    Buttery, with honey sweetness and juiciness, Bosc pears are more flavorful early in the ripening process. Prep Tip: More firm than other pears, Bosc are perfect for baking and pair well with strong spices such as cinnamon, clove or nutmeg.


    Tangy, sweet and delicious these bite-size delights are a wonder you don’t want to miss. Prep Tip: Because of their size, Forelles are typically not the best choice for recipes. Although they may be able to brighten up your salad, they are ideal for snacking.


    Juicy with a subtle sweetness and hints of refreshing lemon-lime. Prep Tip: Holding up well in heated applications, this pear is great for baking, roasting and grilling.


    Exceptionally buttery and sweet, the Comice pear has silky flesh that is very fragile. Prep Tip: Because of its softness, you will find no better compliment when served with cheeses such as Brie or Blue.


    Creamy, crisp and juicy, the Seckel pear has the sweetest flavor profile of all the pear varieties. Prep Tip: Known as a dessert pear, Seckels are perfect for adding to holiday gift baskets or an after-dinner treat.


    Juicy with subtle sweet flavors and a buttery finish, Red D’Anjou’s have hints of lemon and lime. Prep Tip: Although the taste is similar to Green D’Anjous in cooking recipes, the red variety adds more visual appeal to your favorite salads.

    Feeling inspired? Check out these fresh recipes!

    Bluehouse Salmon

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    Dive into the freshest seafood around!

    During our Seafood Showcase, you can explore a unique variety of tasty seafood on sale for a limited time only! Catch the best deals and try something new like Alaskan Halibut, Colossal Scallops or Wild Opah from Hawaii. Shop these and other fresh varieties in-store this weekend only, Nov. 6–8.

    Bluehouse Salmon

    Meet Bluehouse Salmon

    There’s something in the water—and it’s happening on land! Bluehouse Salmon is changing how salmon is being raised with earth-friendly practices. Bluehouses do for salmon, what greenhouses do for vegetation; they provide an ideal environment for salmon to thrive. Bluehouse salmon are provided waters with the perfect current, temperature, and salinity for health and well-being at each stage of growth. The culmination of environmental factors and care, means a naturally delicious salmon, every time.

    Bluehouse salmon are also raised without antibiotics and added hormones. Raising salmon with clean practices also means a cleaner ocean for everyone!

    When you choose Bluehouse Salmon, you’re supporting:
  • Recycled water
  • Reduction of microplastics
  • Eco-conscious workstreams

  • Want to learn more? Visit BluehouseSalmon.com

    Seasonal Wellness Tonics

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    Sip your way to wellness with simple tonics!

    Take good care of you and your family this season with a little help from these easy-to-make tonics that are packed with vitamins! Our convenient Sprouts Fizzy Vitamin C Packets come in a variety of tasty flavors and contain 1000mg of Vitamin C, combined with essential antioxidants and electrolytes—perfect for a refreshing drink! If you prefer to cozy up to something warm, try adding a tablespoon of our Sprouts Umckaloabo & Zinc Syrup to a warm tea for an extra boost of nutrients.
    Fizzy Vitamin C Tonic

    Spiced Citrus Mulled Juice

    Warm and comforting, this juice is filled with aromatic spices like cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, making it a delightful drink for the whole family.

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    Elderberry Hot Toddy

    Warm Elderberry Tonic

    Cozy up with this warm elderberry tonic combined with fresh lemon, honey and a touch of cinnamon.

    View Recipe

    Fire cider drink

    Homemade Spiced Apple Cider

    This homemade spiced apple cider is easily made in a pressure cooker for a delicious, fall drink.

    View Recipe

    Vitamin C sangria

    Fizzy Elderberry Sangria Mocktail

    This sangria mocktail features our Sprouts Elderberry Vitamin C Fizzy Packet and is combined with crisp apples, pears and oranges.

    View Recipe

    Vitamin C tonic

    Fizzy Cherry Lime Mocktail

    Packed with Vitamin C, lime and ginger, this refreshing mocktail is full of bright flavors!

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