Regenerative Agriculture: Brands Caring for the Climate

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Brands that practice regenerative agriculture with a field in the background

Regenerative Agriculture Brands
Caring for the Climate

Through regenerative agriculture farming practices that meet the highest standards in protecting soil health, animal welfare and the environment, we’re proud to support brands doing better by the planet and better by you.

What is regenerative agriculture?

Put simply, it’s a way of farming that improves our soil, water and environment. By taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and putting it back into the soil, crops begin to retain more nutrients, topsoil is replenished and greenhouse gases are reduced. It’s a win, win win!
farmer picking tomatoes

Delicious Leaders in the Regenerative Agriculture Movement

Meet a few of our favorite, sustainable brands relying on regenerative agriculture to produce high-quality products.


Alec’s Ice Cream

The first ever ice cream to be verified regenerative organic, Alec’s Ice Cream is made with gut-friendly A2 dairy.
Alecs ice cream

Ancient Nutrition

Made with Regenerative Organic Certified ingredients, Ancient Nutrition is committed to improving the world through superfoods.
ancient nutrition product variety

Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs’ farm is nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina where the company uses regenerative agriculture methods on its Regenerative Organic Certified farm to sustainably grow more than three million plants each year.
Gaia product varieties

a2 Milk

Made from pasture-raised cows’ milk, Grassfed a2 Milk® is Certified Regenerative and non-GMO and contains A2 protein. Deliciously creamy, great-tasting milk that’s easier on digestion.*
a2 milk varieties

*a2 Milk® is easier on digestion. May help some avoid discomfort.


GoodSAM believes in food that’s good for you, good for farmers and good for the planet and maintains soil quality through regenerative practices to ensure farms thrive for generations to come.
GoodSam product varieties


Moonshot crackers are made with organic and regeneratively grown wheat, sourced directly from farmers they know. These crazy delicious crackers are better for you and better for the planet.
moonshot cracker varieties
Moonshot crackers spilled on a table


Lundberg Family Farms uses regenerative organic rice farming practices passed down and refined over four generations to craft organic rice products that are a delicious and sustainable addition to any meal or snack.
lundberg product varieties

Simple Mills

Simple Mills’ mission is to advance the holistic health of the planet and its people by pioneering the way the world eats, bringing others into the movement and being a positive force on every part of the ecosystem.
simple mills product varieties