Sprouts Regenerative Agriculture Organic Beef

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At Sprouts, we’re committed to doing better for the people and the planet, which is why we are proud to source Regenerative Agriculture Certified Organic Beef that is produced through farming practices that prioritize soil health, enhanced biodiversity and a healthier ecosystem.

Born, raised and harvested in the USA, American Farmers Network offers 100% grass-fed beef that is free from antibiotics, hormones and GMOs. This premium beef is raised on small family farms that are free-range, pasture-raised and always certified organic—so you can see and taste the difference in every piece of meat. By following a strict organic, grass-fed diet with no added grain, you’ll find many more health benefits like:

  • Rich in nutrients – grass-fed beef is loaded with omega-3s and vitamin E
  • Lower saturated fat content makes it a more heart-healthy option
  • High in calcium, potassium and beta-carotene

Our commitment to sourcing wholesome Regenerative Agriculture Certified Organic Beef allows us to provide you and your family with the most flavorful and high-quality beef while also caring for the health of our planet and its people.

Learn more about our partnership with American Farmers Network Regenerative Agriculture, their protocols
and how it benefits ranchers, the environment and our food!
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