Summer Hydration

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hydrating beverages for summer

Quench your thirst with summer sips

Quench Your Thirst with Sips Perfect for Summer

From refreshing coconut water and sparkling botanicals to hydrating electrolyte mixes and so much more,
you’ll find all the drinks you need for your summertime adventures.

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Vita Coco

We’re coconuts for this coconut water—and we know you will be too! This natural and refreshing drink packed with nutrients, electrolytes and vitamins is perfect for a hike, a trip to the beach, lounging by the pool or any other summer activity.
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Stay fit and healthy all summer long with Celsius! Their vegan and gluten-free energy drinks provide you with the boost you need and help you energize, accelerate your metabolism and can support burning body fat and calories; so you can feel and look great.
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Get ready to go on any adventure with pure and crisp SmartWater! Whether you want the refreshing original, the extra hydrating alkaline or the electrolyte-infused option, there’s a water perfect for wherever you feel inspired to go.
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Brew Dr.

Make every summer day a brew-tiful one with authentic kombucha crafted from real, organic ingredients like high-quality, loose-leaf teas, botanicals, fruits and juices. Plus, Brew Dr. kombucha is filled with probiotics to support a healthy gut so you can accomplish everything on your summer bucket list.
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La Croix

Add a sparkling twist to your day with tangerine and limoncello sparkling waters. These bubbly beverages from La Croix have ZERO calories, sweeteners and sodium, so you can enjoy a refreshing and better-for-you burst of hydration with a hint of flavor.
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Staying hydrated while supporting a healthier planet—sign us up! Flow water has a pH ±8.1 and is packed with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals making each sip pure and refreshing! Plus, their packaging is eco-friendly so it’ll flow perfectly into your earth-friendly lifestyle.
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Liquid I.V.

There’s no need to slow your roll this season when you can hydrate two times faster with Liquid I.V. These on-the-go drink mixes are filled with electrolytes and five essential vitamins, including B12 and vitamin C, so you can get the boost you need when you’re out-and-about.
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Be a hydration POP-star this summer with BOBABAM! Ready in just 60 seconds, these vegan and gluten-free boba bubbles are perfect for your next poolside party. Plus, with flavors like brown sugar, milk tea and mango, there’s something for everyone! 
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Take your tastebuds on a trip around the world with bold flavors and unique blends from Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi. Made with sparkling water and rare and organic ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth, Sparkling Botanicals elevates sparkling botanical tea. Light, refreshing and formulated for flavor and function, always with added sugar, sweeteners, or acidic preservatives.
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