On-The-Go Snacks for Summer

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Snacks for Every Adventure

A car full of kiddos, a busy day full of errands or a spontaneous trip to the mountains calls for healthy, on-the-go snacks to provide the energy you need to tackle your day. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some tasty options to fit any diet that easily fit in your purse, diaper tote or gym bag or hiking backpack!

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Keto snacks on a tabletop


Having trouble finding yummy, yet keto-friendly, snack options? Let us help! From prepackaged favorites, to do-it-yourself veggie slicing, we have five great snacks to help fuel your day.

  1. Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Squeeze Pack
  2. Epic Wagyu Beef Steak Strip
  3. Hu Salty Dark Chocolate Bar
  4. Gimme Health Foods Organic Teriyaki Roasted Seaweed Snacks
  5. Sliced bell peppers
  6. Wonderful Lightly Salted No Shells Pistachios

Helpful hint: Slice bell peppers all at once and store in jars or bags so you can easily grab them on the run!

organic snacks on a tabletop


Shopping for natural and organic snacks doesn’t have to be hard. Get out of your current snack rut with these super simple and tasty on-the-go snacks—perfect for any day!

  1. Sprouts Organic Popcorn Lightly Sea Salted Popcorn
  2. Annie’s Homegrown Berry Patch Fruit Snacks
  3. Organic Valencia oranges
  4. Go Macro Peanut Butter Protein Bar
  5. Organic raw almonds

Helpful hint: Slice oranges into round rings and when you’re ready to eat, slightly rip the peel for mess-free eating!

plant-based snacks on a tabletop


Plant-based snack options are quickly becoming more and more popular. Whether you are a plant-based pro, or just finding your footing on your plant-based journey, here are five scrumptious snacks that are easy to grab throughout the day.

  1. Aloha Plant-based Protein Bar
  2. Siete Lime Grain-free Tortilla Chips
  3. Sprouts Chocolate Vegan Protein
  4. Celery and carrot sticks
  5. Quinn Snacks Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Helpful hint: Power up with plant protein by keeping convenient, single-serve protein packets with you to easily mix with water—wherever you are!

Gluten-free snacks on a tabletop


You won’t be missing out with these snack choices—perfectly picked for anyone following a gluten-free diet! You can easily make gluten-free snack baggies to grab as you are running out the door!

  1. 4505 Meats Chicharrones Fried Pork Rinds Jalapeno
  2. Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter
  3. Vegan Gummi Cherries
  4. Ultima Replenisher Cherry Pomegranate Electrolyte Powder
  5. Bananas

Helpful hint: It can be hard to keep bananas at the ripe stage you like, try wrapping the stem of the bananas in plastic wrap! This is a great way to keep them from ripening too quickly.

paleo snacks on a tabletop


It’ll be hard to beat these Paleo snack options. Perfect for on-the-go moments and they won’t disappoint—no matter your cravings. These Paleo snacks are nutritious, delicious and ready for you when you need them.

  1. Simple Mills Almond Flour Sea Salt Crackers
  2. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide Packet
  3. Nick’s Sticks Free Range Turkey Snack Stick
  4. Apple slices
  5. Raw almonds and cashews

Helpful hint: To prevent browning on your apples, try squeezing a little bit of lemon juice on them!