Repurposed Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Here are two super easy, flavorful ways to repurpose turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, herbs and even mashed potatoes for a new spin on the flavors of the holiday.

Gluten-free Leftover turkey and Stuffing Muffins

Reimagine Thanksgiving leftovers with this inventive recipe. Relish our gluten-free turkey and stuffing muffins alongside a nutritious green salad, delivering a delightful and satisfying lunch.
Pairs well with a Ciao Bella prosecco wine.*

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Stuffing muffins on a plate next to a salad

Dairy-free Mashed Potato and Turkey Casserole

Revitalize your holiday leftovers with our scrumptious turkey and mashed potato casserole, enhanced with savory broccoli.
Pairs well with a Lifted pinot noir wine.*

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potato & turkey casserole on a plate with broccoli

*Available in select stores only.