DIY Nacho Bar

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Crunchy chips, spicy salsa and all of those glorious fresh fixin’s—it’s no wonder why nachos have become a game day staple! We’ve got just the thing to make your next gathering “nacho average” game day get-together. This fun, crowd-pleasing DIY nacho bar is the perfect solution to satisfy your hungry guests. CHIPS, CHEESE, AND SALSA Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

The Crunch

You can’t go wrong with the classic tortilla chips, but why not mix it up a bit? Scoop up even more of those tasty toppings you crave with Sprouts Corn Dippers.

The Spice

Variety is the spice of life! Set up a mini salsa station using a variety of Sprouts salsas. From spicy ghost pepper to sweet corn, no matter your guests’ taste, you’ll have flavorful options everyone will enjoy. Better yet, keep the salsa in the jars so guests know which salsas they’ll be spooning over their chips as well as for a fuss-free clean up.

The Protein

Bring on the beans! Sprouts Organic Spicy Bean Dip offers a smooth texture as well as a great source of protein. This can also be displayed in the jar simply with a spoon.

The Queso

Some like it hot and some like it mild. Offering different types of queso for drizzling allows guests to customize their nachos just the way they like it.

The Fresh Toppings

Keep it fresh with unique nacho toppings like radishes and jicama but don’t forget the classics like fresh cilantro, spicy peppers and diced tomatoes.