Be a Force for Good: Choose B Corps

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Danone Group PhotoWhat is a B Corp™?

Certified B Corporations™are businesses leading a global movement working to redefine success in business by harnessing their collective power to use profits and growth to drive positive impact for their employees, communities and the environment. B Corps™ meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

As the largest Certified B Corp™ in the world, Danone North America and its family of brands including Silk, So Delicious Dairy Free, Vega, Horizon Organic and Wallaby Organic, are helping accelerate a global culture shift to build a more sustainable economy for all. Through their long-lasting commitment to economic success and social progress, they are demonstrating their belief that each time we eat and drink, we can vote for the world we want.

When you buy B Corp products, you are supporting companies working to create a more sustainable society for all.

A Force for Good: Danone North America

As a part of a global company Danone North America, is leaning in with its brands on commitments that span the spectrum of environment and social impact. Some examples include:
  • Committing to become carbon neutral across its global value chain by 2050 andtransition to 100% reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging by 2025
  • Sourcing 100% of the electricity used at its own manufacturing plants from renewable energy sources
  • Donating over 23 million meals through community partnerships since 2006
  • Investing in soil health and helping farmers utilize more regenerative practices with a $6-million commitment to support programs that restore the soils’ ability to capture and sequester carbon
  • Signing the UN’s Business Ambition and advancing its commitment to the 1.5°C pledge, significantly accelerating Danone’s GHG emission reduction targets

  • How Brands are Bringing the B Corp Movement to Life

    Danone Food Can Change the WorldSilk

    Silk balances 100% of the water used in its manufacturing facilities, and as a charter sponsor of Change the Course, a Bonneville Environmental Foundation program, they have supported almost 40 restoration projects, helping to restore over 7.8 billion gallons of water. One of the current projects includes unprecedented coordination between business, tribes and government through the Colorado River Indian Tribes System Conservation Project. This project is working to conserve water in the Colorado River basin to improve supply for Arizona, California and Nevada.

    So Delicious Dairy Free

    A brand that welcomes everyone to its table, So Delicious Dairy Free is working to improve the well-being of its partner farmers through a new, long-term project. The “So Good” Project highlights the brand’s top ingredient, coconuts, with a commitment to help increase farmer profitability, agricultural sustainability and ingredient traceability across the value chain. By supporting a key community of farmers in the Philippines over the next five years, So Delicious plans to increase farmer income to alleviate poverty, implement regenerative practices and improve biodiversity across 3,700 acres. This project will also create a direct trade model to procure its ethically sourced, delicious coconuts that make So Delicious products, so delicious! 


    Vega powers stories with premium, plant-based nutrition but is also making strides for the environment. Vega’s tubs are created with post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic to divert plastic from landfill. Vega was the first in its category to move to PCR for its protein powder tubs. Since making the change in 2013, the brand has saved over 3,651 tons of CO2 (equivalent greenhouse gas emissions vs. virgin plastics). 

    Horizon Organic

    Horizon Organic has a strong commitment to people, the planet and animals. As the climate changes, the brand’s actions and the way they farm must evolve with it. As pioneers in the organic industry, Horizon is devoted to raising the bar to ensure they are respecting the world while creating the best milk possible. Horizon Organic, the largest USDA certified organic dairy brand in the world, has committed to becoming carbon positive across its full supply chain by 2025. For Horizon, carbon positive means achieving net-zero carbon emissions and going above and beyond by removing or preventing additional carbon from entering the atmosphere. Achieving this commitment will make Horizon Organic the first national dairy brand to be carbon positive.

    Wallaby Organic

    Wallaby’s creamy, delicious yogurt is made from organic milk sourced in partnership with family farms. The milk comes from cows that eat an all-organic, non-GMO diet, and are not treated with growth hormones. Organic standards require that farms maintain or improve their natural resources—including wildlife habitat and soil and water quality. In fact, Wallaby is committed to not only organic, but regenerative, organic farming practices. Currently, 40% of the milk used to produce Wallaby Organic Yogurt comes from farms participating in a soil health program supporting over 11,000 acres of organic land to help improve farming practices and increase biodiversity above and below the ground.