Meat & Seafood Wine Pairings

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Wine bottles next to food dishes

Wine Pairings to Elevate Your Evening Meal

There’s something special about pairing your favorite protein with wine. Maybe it’s the tannins talking, but meals just seem better when savored with a complementary varietal. To help you take your dinner game to the next level, our wine experts have developed some perfect pairings for the fresh, top-quality meats and responsibly sourced seafood you’ll find in our Meat Department. Salud!

Beef Up Your Dinner Plans

You can’t go wrong with a savory bone-in ribeye swimming in natural juices.
With a little forethought, these perfect pairings will complement your next meaty meal.

Ribeye Steak with Cherry Bordelaise Sauce

glass of red wine Cabernet sauvignon is a natural companion

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Recipe by: Kyndra Claire at Kyndra’s Kitchen (

cherry bordelaise steak

Bone-in Ribeye with Garlic-Herb Butter

glass of red wine Pair with a red blend

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Recipe by: Cheryl Malik at

garlic butter ribeye

twisted grape vines with red butterfly

Seas the Day with Fresh Fish

Our delectable, responsibly sourced salmon fillets have a delicate yet firm texture
and bold flavor that pairs swimmingly with many wines.

avocado mango salmon

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa

Reach for a roséglass of rose wine

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Recipe by: Natalia at

grapefruit salmon

Grapefruit Salmon Salad

Sensational with sauvignon blancglass of white wine

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Recipe by: Karman Meyer at

twisted grape vines with green butterfly

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

Our organic, boneless and skinless chicken breasts provide the perfect base for an
Asian-inspired stir-fry made your way with healthy cauliflower rice.

One Pan Fried Cauliflower Rice Chicken Dinner

glass of sparkling wine Pair with refreshing, bubbly prosecco

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Recipe by: Shashi Charles at

fried cauliflower chicken

Enchilada Chicken Tacos

glass of sparkling wine Riesling is recommended

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Recipe by: Rachel Nichols at

enchilada chicken tacos

grape vines

Katie Woodcock photo

Pairings provided by our in-house sommelier, Katie Woodcock.