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Live your best Midlife with Wile Products

Celebrate midlife with Wile-your wellness ally. Explore their tinctures, capsules and powders designed to tackle hormones, perimenopause, stress and help find your path to a vibrant, balanced life. Find it at Sprouts!

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Did you know? October is Menopause Awareness Month!

Wile Parimenopause and hot flash capsules

Ease hormonal shifts with WILE’s Perimenopause support capsules

Revitalize your midlife journey with Wile’s Perimenopause Support capsules, designed to harmonize hormonal changes, enhance mood and promote restful sleep.

Embrace the cool comfort of Wile’s Hot Flash relief capsules

Don’t let hot flashes and night sweats steal your comfort. Wile’s Hot Flash is your go-to for reducing those uncomfortable symptoms.
Wile Parimenopause and hot flash capsules
Wile Burnout Relief and Un-Anger Tinctures

Reclaim Your Energy with Wile’s Burnout Relief Tincture

Elevate and rediscover your inner spark with Wile’s Burnout Relief Tincture, your natural remedy for renewed energy and a sense of lightness.

Discover serenity in every drop with Wile’s Un-anger Tincture

Unlock the power of emotional balance and experience a newfound sense of tranquility with Wile’s Un-Anger Tincture—your ally in soothing irritability and edginess.
Wile stave the crave and calm & collected powders

Crush cravings and conquer stress eating with Wile’s Stave the Crave powder

Don’t let cravings control your choices – Wile’s Stave the Crave powder empowers you to break free from stress eating and sugar temptations, helping you make better-for-you choices and rediscover a more balanced you.

Discover inner peace with Wile’s Calm & Collected powder

Savor the soothing power of Wile’s Calm & Collected powder as it gently guides your to relaxation, helping you unwind and recenter your mind.
Wile stave the crave and calm & collected powders

Shop at Sprouts and elevate your well-being

Unlock total wellness with Wile’s holistic products! From soothing tinctures to mindful powders and transformative capsules—get them at Sprouts for a balanced life.