Weekly Meal Planning

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It can be difficult to maintain your healthiest lifestyle when the pace of your schedule picks up.  Sometimes, it seems easier to go for what’s more convenient rather than what’s healthy. Planning your meals in advance can not only save you time during the week, it can also save you money and stress. We’ve put together a simple guide to creating your meal plan for the week. Weekly Meal Planning

Healthy Meal Planning Steps

Before you go grocery shopping, it helps to have a game plan. Set aside about an hour or so to create your weekly strategy. There are a number of ways to get started! You’ll find dozens of deals in your local Sprouts’ weekly flyer, the digital weekly flyer is only a click away. A super-easy way to find deals, coupons and even create a shopping list is with our app—it’s available for both the Apple and Android, so you can easily download it on your smartphone! It’s simple to save money when you plan around sales.

Make a List

Now you’re ready to start filling in your weekly meal plan. If using your smartphone to create a list isn’t your thing, you can print off a copy of our handy meal planning template and start filling in your meals and snacks. Whether you choose digital or analog, a great way to begin planning the week’s meals is with your family’s favorites, filling in around those days you usually serve a certain dinner. Similarly, you’ll want to add any special meals, like birthdays or friends joining you. Stumped on what to have for breakfast, pack for lunch or make for dinner? We have tons of great recipes here!.

Shopping with Ease

One of the most frustrating parts about grocery shopping can be bouncing from department to department looking for all the items on your shopping list. When you make your list, break it down by department, grouping like items together. This approach allows you to check off all the items on the list before moving on to the next department—your weekly shopping will be done in no time! (Our weekly meal-planning guide is great because it includes a shopping list which is already divided by department for you.)

Did you know?

The average American household throws out 25% of their groceries—meal planning can help cut down on food waste!