Top Tricks for Making the Best Frozen Pizza

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Frozen pizzas are the perfect go-to meal when weeks and households get busy. In addition to the taste, they’re easy to love because they require little effort to make and cleanup is a breeze. While cheese pizza is always a classic favorite, why not mix it up? From tasty, fresh veggies to a cauliflower crust, we’re sharing our top frozen pizza tips and delicious recipes for you to try:

Frozen pizza with shrimp and vegetables

Tip 1: Top with Veggies and Protein

Fresh, nutritious vegetables and hearty protein atop a frozen pizza is an excellent way to make this dinner a complete meal. Simply sauté shrimp, broccoli, corn and a variety of spices to place onto your slices and enjoy!

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Pizza with cauliflower crust

Tip 2: Try a New Crust

Cauliflower crust is a great alternative to the classic dough-based pie. Bring the crust to life with a unique sauce and bold toppings, like this chicken tikka masala pizza, to add a ton of flavor!

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Pizza with vegetables

Tip 3: Spice it up

Sure, traditional pizzas typically have Italian flavors, but why not look to other countries for inspiration? This upgraded, Mexican-style pizza brings the heat! Topped with jalapeños, red onion, sweet corn and creamy cotija cheese, there will be no slices left behind!

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Tip 4: Ditch the Baking Sheet

Baking sheets and pizza stones often keep the steam from escaping, so we suggest placing the pizza directly on the middle rack of the oven. This will allow for the hot air to surround the entire pizza and make the crust especially crispy. Simply slide the frozen pie directly onto the rack and enjoy your pizza’s perfect crunch.

Tip 5: Let it Cool

Once your pizza is done baking, let it cool for 2–3 minutes before slicing. We know you’re excited to bite into your fresh-from-the-oven pizza, but waiting allows the cheese to settle and reduces the risk of burning the roof of your mouth.