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Taylor Farms: Pea podFamily owned and operated since 1995, Taylor Farms started in Salinas Valley, California, affectionately called America’s Salad Bowl. As a third-generation produce grower, Bruce Taylor followed in his family’s footsteps to build Taylor Farms into the largest producer of salads and healthy fresh food. Growing high-quality salads and vegetables begins with high-quality farming families and sustainable farming practices.

Innovation: The Art of Growing

By pioneering the industry’s first advanced automated harvesters, Taylor Farms increased productivity and provided an ergonomically beneficial environment for employees. From the fields to the processing plants, Taylor Farms continually works to advance industry best practices. They developed SmartWash™, a revolutionary produce wash system that’s helped raise the bar in food safety—keeping your wellbeing a priority.

Environmental Sustainability

Taylor Farms is genuinely dedicated to protecting the health of our environment for future generations. Since 2012, Taylor Farms has completed ten major sustainability projects related to alternative and renewable energy, waste reduction and water conservation. With these renewable energy technologies, Taylor Farms has produced 53,326,167 KWh—offsetting 132,755 metric tons of CO2—the equivalent of taking 8,498 cars off the road annually! 

Thriving Communities

Giving back has been a part of Taylor Farms’ culture since day one, by sharing their success with the communities in which they live and work. They support their vision to create healthy lives through philanthropic programs focused on youth education and leadership, as well as health and wellness. In the past two years alone, Taylor Farms has donated over six million pounds of fresh produce.

Their Passion

From their fields to your fork, Taylor Farms is passionate about making vegetables an exciting and delightful part of your healthy lifestyle. They believe fresh, flavorful greens create the foundation for enjoying vegetables in imaginative and delicious ways.

Taylor Farms supplies one in three salads across the United States, they even supply our own Sprouts Brand salads and salad kits. We carry a wide variety of their healthy salads and greens for you to choose from.