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Tabanero hot sauce and chipsTabañero is more than just a hot sauce—it’s a lifestyle. It’s about living with passion and fire! It’s about going from good to great, ordinary to extraordinary. The Tabañero team wanted to create a line of hot sauces for conscious consumers that were not only delicious but also packed with fresh and flavorful ingredients. Tabañero’s unique flavor comes from the combination of carrots, onions, garlic, key-lime juice, red habañero peppers and agave nectar. The agave nectar balances out the heat of the habañeros and adds a hint of sweetness. Tabañero is not vinegar-based so you can actually cook with it and not have that pungent vinegar taste that is associated with other hot sauces. Tabañero is all-natural, gluten-free and low in sodium. The Tabañero team has dedicated taste testers to ensure the quality and flavor always meets the standard of being “the most flavorful hot sauce in the world.” Pick up a bottle of your healthy heat today and spread the spicy love!