Stone Fruit

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Learn how to select, store, prep and cook your favorite summer fruits. We’re talking juicy peaches, sweet apricots, plums, mangoes, nectarines and Rainier cherries. The fruits of summer are nothing but fresh, healthy and delicious. Try one of our recipes below or merely eat them on-the-go—juice running down your chin, and without a doubt, a smile on your face.

Stone Fruit Tips

  • Buy stone fruit that is fragrant and yields gently to palm pressure.
  • Stone fruit should be allowed to ripen at room temperature or wrapped in a brown paper bag.
  • At peak ripeness, it should be stored in the refrigerator to preserve its flavor.
  • Never refrigerate unripe fruit because refrigeration inhibits the ripening process and will cause the fruit to be dry, mealy and flavorless.
  • To enjoy the fullest flavor, remove stone fruit from the refrigerator one hour before eating and eat at room temperature. The flavor intensifies when warm.
Video Description: Tune in to learn how to pick the perfect peaches. Tips included in the list above.
Video Description: Tune in to learn how to pick the perfect plums. Tips included in the list above.

Stone Fruit Recipes 

Faced with a pile of ripe stone fruits, it’s natural to think of sweet cobblers and crisps. But foodies are also using summer fruits in savory applications like salsas and salads. Toss some in your morning yogurt or breakfast cereal, throw them on the grill alongside meat, experiment with some of the recipes below, or just eat them out of the palm of your hand. From a previous issue of Sprouts Farmers Market’s monthly e-newsletter. Hungry? Click here to sign up.