Stay Well with Vitamin D

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Woman standing outside in the sun

Boost your mood… naturally!

We’re all spending a little extra time indoors right now, but as the weather begins to warm up and the sun is shining longer, take advantage of the great outdoors! Give yourself those much-needed breaks while working from home or taking care of the kids, and step outside for at least 5-10 minutes throughout your day. Not only will the fresh air help clear your mind, but the sunshine will help increase your body’s vitamin D level. Vitamin D has been shown to help boost your immune system while reducing anxiety and depression. It may also reduce the risk of osteoporosis by assisting in the absorption of calcium into your system.

How does vitamin D work?

Vitamin D is unique because it’s not readily available in the body on its own. When you spend time outside, your body metabolizes UVB rays by way of your kidneys and liver, converting those rays into the active form of Vitamin D. On days that your outdoor exposure is limited, small amounts of vitamin D can be found in foods like fish, egg yolks and some dairy products.

Easy ways to get outside more.

With routines shifting daily, it’s important to schedule time for yourself. Here are some quick and easy tricks to increase the time you spend outside:
  • Take a walk first thing in the morning. Not only will this increase your activity for the day, you will feel more energized for a productive day.
  • Set an hourly alarm. Working from home can create a habit of sitting for too long. Set an alarm to step outside for five minutes and breath some fresh air.
  • Create a step goal for yourself. Get more time outside by setting a non-negotiable, daily step goal for yourself. You will find yourself motivated to boost your step count while getting some refreshing time outside.
  • Include your family. Add a family walk to your at-home routine–a great way to spend quality time outside of the house.
  • Take your workout outside. Switch up your at-home workout scenery by taking your bands, yoga mat or body outside for a great sweat-sesh!
While spending extra time outside does wonders for your mental health, energy and wellbeing, don’t forget to properly protect your skin, too. Broad spectrum sunscreen and protective clothing and eyewear are essential to keeping your skin healthy while outdoors.