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sushi on a serving platter

Sprouts Fresh Sushi

Whether you’re a sushi “a-fish-ionado” or new to exploring the delicious taste of sushi, Sprouts has a variety of high-quality, authentically flavored sushi options made fresh every day for you to choose from.

So dive on in, let us school you a bit on what makes Sprouts Sushi so fin-tastic!

What is sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese dish featuring prepared rice and usually different types of fish or seafood that is often raw but sometimes cooked, along with fresh vegetables. Here at Sprouts, our sushi is made fresh daily with responsibly-sourced seafood and high-quality ingredients so you know you’re reeling in a delicious meal every time you take some home.

And the best part, it’s only $5 every single Wednesday.

sushi being prepared
Shrimp roll on a plate

Sprouts Sushi Takeout

For a healthy, protein-packed lunch or easy dinner, Sprouts sushi is the perfect meal solution. Simply head to the Deli Department and grab and go with your favorite roll or add to your cart online for easy pickup or delivery. Choose from a variety of classic rolls with vegetarian options available:
  • California roll
  • Krispy Krab roll
  • Crunchy Shrimp roll
  • Spicy California roll
  • Philadelphia roll
  • Veggie roll
  • Krab Salad roll
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    Soy Many More Options

    The Asian-inspired flavors and possibilities don’t end with sushi. From marinated ahi tuna and pickled, jarred ginger to low-sodium soy sauce and seafood salad, there are so many ways to build your own Asian-inspired menu at Sprouts.

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