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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market is proud to work with local farmers across the country to bring you and your family the freshest produce around! Bringing local produce to your store means it spends less time in storage and transit–keeping it as fresh as possible! We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in South Carolina!

Cotton Hope Farms Peaches

Cotton Hope Farms

Peaches are the taste of summer and at Sprouts, we’re proud to source them from our trusted partner, Cotton Hope Farms. For over 100 years, the DuBose family has owned and operated Cotton Hope Farms, bringing fresh, off-the-orchard peaches from tree to table. Cotton Hope Farms sits on the ridge of Monetta, South Carolina where the peaches are known for growing sweeter. Not only do the sloping lands provide ample amounts of water, but the sandy soils and Piedmont clay of the Coastal Plains create the best fertility for sweet, juicy peaches. The DuBose family and Cotton Hope Farms prides itself on delivering high-quality peaches straight from their backyard to yours!

Mcleod Family Farms Produce

Mcleod Farms

Family-owned and operated for over 100 years, Mcleod Farms is proud to bring South Carolina grown peaches to you and your family, each season! During the peak harvesting months of late May through August, peaches are picked and hand-graded every day. McLeod Farms uses a variety of modern farming practices like drip irrigation and wind machines to help bring warmer temperatures down to the crops on the colder days. While peaches are their specialty, this local farm also grows berries, potatoes, cabbage, sweet corn, onions, peppers and other tasty produce.

Watsonia Organic Farms Produce

Watsonia Organics

Meet Watsonia Organics, a local South Carolina farm that grows a wide variety fresh, organic fruit, vegetables and leafy greens! Established in 1918, this fourth-generation family farm has over 100 years of growing experience that began with a small asparagus crop started by the family’s grandfather. Watsonia Organics operated as a conventional grower until 2005 when they transitioned to all-organic crops to bring farm-fresh goodness to your table. Throughout the seasons, you can enjoy everything from hearty eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash, to nutritious kale and vibrant strawberries from their local farm.

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