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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market is proud to work with local farmers across the country to bring you and your family the freshest produce around! Bringing local produce to your store means it spends less time in storage and transit–keeping it as fresh as possible! We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in the great state of Colorado!

Strohauer Farms Organic Fingerling Potatoes

Strohauer Farms

Just 50 miles outside of Denver, the fourth-generation family farm, Strohauer Farms, brings you the best, colorful fingerling potatoes! Grown year round, these buttery-spuds are a customer favorite because of their mild flavor and soft skin. Strohauer Farms has been growing both organic and conventional potatoes in Northern Colorado since 1910. During the peak harvest season of July through October, customers can expect to enjoy the freshest potatoes harvested only 24 hours from farm to table! Strohauer Farms is committed to consistent quality by operating with a warehouse crew that has been with them for over 15 years! You can easily spot Strohauer Farms potatoes in-store with their signature matte-black and burlap bags.

Five generations of fruit farmers pictured at Williams Orchards located in Cedaredge, Colorado

Williams Orchards

There is nothing quite like a big, juicy peach! They’re even better when they’re grown locally by a Colorado family farm! Williams Orchards is a five-generation fruit farm located on the western slope of Cedaredge, Colorado. Over the course of more than 100 years, the orchard has been passed down in Williams family. Each generation contributing to the growth and development of the company by incorporating modern and innovative growing techniques, like a wide-drip sprinkler system to preserve the precious Colorado water. Their 300-acre farm is proud to produce apples, peaches and pears for families across the country to enjoy for years to come.

Mountain Quality Farms

Did you know some of your favorite, sweet summer corn is grown in the beautiful state of Colorado? It’s true! Mountain Quality Farms is based in Olathe, Colorado, bringing you and your family high-quality corn since 1986 with their Olathe Sweet Corn. Grown in the ideal environment of Uncompaghre Valley, the cool nights and hot summer days produce some of the best, hand-picked stalks around! Hand-picking their stalks ensure that the sweetest summer corn arrives to your kitchen with all its kernels intact for the best bang for your bite.

Olathe Sweet Corn is grown in an ideal environment that the Uncompaghre Valley provided, cool nights and hot summer days.