Healthy & Flavorful Backyard BBQ Essentials

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Healthy & Flavorful Backyard BBQ Essentials

Make your next cookout one to remember with better-for-you buns and probiotic-packed kraut, kimchi and fresh pickles!

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Cleveland Kitchen

At Cleveland Kitchen, they take pride in producing the best-tasting and crunchiest sauerkraut and kimchi in the world. The kraut and kimchi are unpasteurized and lacto-fermented, full of natural probiotics, nutrients and flavor.

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Get ready to dish up something delicious!

Level up your burger with tangy kimchi flavor with this recipe for a Korean BBQ Burger with Classic Kimchi.Get Recipe

Hero Bread

Hero Bread makes delicious buns with real nutritional benefits, like 0g net carbs, fewer calories and added protein and fiber. Don’t wrap a burger in lettuce on purpose – Hero Bread exists so you can enjoy your BBQ favorites as they were meant to be eaten, bun and all!

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Hot dog! you’ll love this idea for a loaded dog topped with red peppers on a toasted bun!

Still craving something cookout-worthy? Give this recipe for a Pulled Pork Sandwich featuring Hero Bread a try! Get Recipe

Grillo’s Pickles®

Clean, crunchy and fresh all-natural pickles. No preservatives, just clean simple ingredients for a healthy snack or complement to your favorite sandwich or burger.

Grillo’s starts with a 100-year-old family recipe using only simple, garden-fresh ingredients to make pickles shipped and sold cold without any artificial preservatives. When you bite into a Grillo’s Pickle, you’re experiencing the crispest, freshest and cleanest pickle you’ll find anywhere. Find them in the refrigerated deli section at your local Sprouts!

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