Fresh & Healthy Salad Kits from Earthbound Farms

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Earthbound Farms salad kits surrounded by avocados

Fresh & Healthy Salad Kits from Earthbound Farm

Put more plants on your plate with easy, fresh salad kits bursting with crisp greens, colorful veggies, dressing made with 100% avocado oil and wholesome toppings!

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Farmers From the Start

Born in 1984 on a 2.5 acre backyard farm in Carmel Valley California, farmer and family-owned Earthbound Farm has grown to become a modern-day leader in the organic food movement.

Better for You, Better for the Planet Produce

Growing produce that’s not only fresh but free from GMOs and synthetic pesticides, Earthbound Farm respects the Earth.
They’re committed to:

  • Using renewable energy in agricultural and packaging practices
  • Sustaining the health of the soil and the creatures that pollinate their crops
  • Making eco-friendly packaging with peel and reseal technology

Earthbound Farm organic salad kit surrounded by eggs and produce. Made with organic avocado oil icon at the bottom.

See why everyday is a good day on Earth with Earthbound Farm!

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