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Cup of coffee next to pitcher of creamer surrounded by coffee beans

NutPods dairy-free Half and Half Alternative

Create a dairy-free version of all your favorite recipes with nutpods Plant-Based Half and Half Alternative. This delicious blend is crafted with almonds and coconut cream to give you the same creamy texture as milk with less than half the calories. Just add this tasty alternative to your morning coffee or tea, favorite pasta sauces or as the perfect whole milk substitute for baking.
Nutpods Half & Half next to cup of coffee.

Crave-able Recipes from NutPods

From sweet to savory, you’ll go nuts for these oh-so dreamy and creamy recipes crafted with nutpods dairy-free half and half.

creamy garlic pasta next to nut pods half & half box.

nutpods Creamy Garlic Pasta

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sourdough French toast next to nut pods half & half box.

nutpods Sourdough French Toast

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potato soup next to nut pods half & half box.

Creamy Turmeric Potato Soup

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Explore even more tasty plant-based alternatives from nutpods like cold brew, creamers and oatmilk.