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Meet SYNERGY Raw Kombucha’s Newest Squeeze

Discover the tangy taste of a NEW fan-created flavor: SYNERGY Pomelo Pink Lemonade.

Behind the Brand Innovation

For over 25 years GT’s Living Foods has hand-crafted their kombucha with ingredients sourced from Mother Nature. Each batch of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha is fermented for 30 days resulting in billions of living probiotics that support gut health, promote overall wellbeing and provide a daily healing ritual.  

The Flavor Evolution

With artistry, passion, creativity and love for the brand—fans came together to help create a brand new SYNERGY flavor: SYNERGY Pomelo Pink Lemonade. With the flavors of pink pomelo and yuzu, this tangy, sweet, and refreshing kombucha will be available on shelves in 2024, exclusively at Sprouts.

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GT's synergy Pomelo Pink Lemonade flavor next to fruit