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Pasture Bird logo. Subtext: rotated daily, mobile coops
Pasture Bird logo. Subtext: rotated daily, mobile coops

Indulge in Flavorful Chicken with Pasturebird Poultry

Child walking through Pasturebird chicken coop

Family passion to family business

Pasturebird believes in the magic of raising animals on fresh pasture 24/7, which not only help regenerate the land but also makes the community and animals happier. They believe everyone should have access to ethically produced, nutritious food which led to the creation of Pasturebird. What began as a way for their family to eat and feel better turned into a passion geared toward providing the world with nutrient dense and environmentally responsible chicken.
Child walking through Pasturebird chicken coop

Farming with a purpose

Located in southern Georgia, Pasturebird’s farm is on a mission to change farming for the better, bringing you the most nutritious and delicious chicken around! All chickens roam on fresh pasture daily – reviving the soil and planet, one chicken at a time!

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Why we love Pasturebird

Do you know what makes Pasturebird chicken so tasty?
Non-GMO, antibiotic and drug-free for a healthier bird
Daily dose of sunshine and movement keeps them naturally healthy
Nutrient-rich diet and natural lifestyle

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