How to Buy in Bulk

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The Big Benefits of Buying Bulk at Sprouts

It cuts down on packaging, transportation and waste—making it an earth-friendly choice that’s good for you too!

Better for the Planet

Here are 3 reasons scooping up your favorite products is the more sustainable choice:
  • Reduces Packaging Waste. Bulk items usually have less packaging than individual items. This helps reduce the amount of waste, which can help decrease the environmental impact.
  • Increases Energy Efficiency. Manufacturing items in bulk can be resource-efficient. Producing larger quantities at once requires less energy and raw materials for a lower environmental footprint.
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions. By reducing the frequency of transportation, buying bulk can help lower carbon emissions from the supply chain. This is important for products that are shipped over long distances.
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Better for your Wallet

It’s not just Mother Earth that benefits from this healthy shopping habit—your wallet does too! When you purchase items in larger quantities, the cost per unit tends to decrease, saving you money. Plus, when you stock up on your favorite snacks, nuts or baking supplies, you tend to make less frequent trips to the store, which can also help keep more money in your pocketbook.
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You can save up to 30% more per ounce than on packaged items when you shop bulk bin favorites!
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New to Shopping Bulk In-Store?
Here’s How It Works

  • Step 1: Grab a bag and a tag*
  • Step 2: Find your favorite item
  • Step 3: Scoop as much or as little as you like
  • Step 4: Write PLU on tag
    (PLU stands for “price look up”)
*If you’re using your own container, make sure to weigh it at the register first.

Buy Bulk and Save!

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