Northwest Pears: At Season’s Peak

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When selecting pears, gently press your thumb at the neck to test for ripeness: the more give you feel, the riper the pear is. Store at room temperature until they reach optimal ripeness, then refrigerate. Here are some of the pears you will find in Sprouts stores this fall: Three Northwestern Pear

Green D’anjou:

Sweet and juicy with a hint of citrus. Best eaten raw.

Red D’anjou

Sweet and juicy with a smooth skin. Great in salads and desserts.


Signature variety with a delicate skin, sweet taste and juicy bite. Great for snacking, canning or baking.


Crisp and sweet. Good choice for baking or poaching because they keep their shape.


Buttery and exceptionally sweet. Favorite in holiday gift baskets and elegant desserts.


Crisp and tangy. Pairs well with cheese.


Bite-size, crunchy and ultra-sweet. Excellent for children’s snacks, pickling or garnish.


Sweet with a subtle floral aroma. Perfect for snacking, salads, or any fresh use that shows off its crimson skin.