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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market is proud to work with local farmers across the country to bring you and your family the freshest produce around! Bringing local produce to your store means it spends less time in storage and transit–keeping it as fresh as possible! We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in the great state of Maryland!

Boughers Orchard Family Photo and photos of apples.

Baugher’s Orchard

Baugher’s Orchard has been a working fruit and vegetable farm since 1904. Edward and Romaine Baugher purchased 60 acres of land from Edward’s parent’s farm in the 1930’s. They expanded the farming efforts, developed improved methods of operating and survived the Great Depression because of their frugalness and business savvy. Today, the farm operation is still family-owned and operated, and remains one of the largest orchards in Maryland at 600 acres. The family focuses on tree fruits: apples, peaches, nectarines and cherries, but also grows seasonal favorites like strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons and pumpkins.

Baywater Farmers, a cart full of tomatoes, and a cart full of peppers.

Baywater Farms

Baywater Farms is here today thanks to the passion, care and responsible farming techniques of their ancestors, who sowed seeds on the same land six generations ago. They respect the legacy of their great-grandparents and only use farming techniques that are ethical and sustainable, as they want their farm to feed another six generations of local communities. They are dedicated to preserving and reviving historical crops through farming practices that give back to the earth some of what was taken, like nutrients and nourishing food. They cultivate healthy soil on their farm, encourage biodiversity, and support the welfare of local wildlife populations. We are proud to distribute their delicious, nutritious, non-GMO, responsibly grown produce!

Gotham Greens Greenhouse interior.

Gotham Greens

Gotham Greens is a Maryland-based hydroponic greenhouse growing incredibly fresh produce like romaine, butter lettuce and basil, year-round! Founded in 2009, Gotham Greens operates one of the largest hydroponic greenhouses in the United States. Hydroponic farming uses 95% less water and 97% less land than conventional farming. With a mission to reimagine the way fresh foods are grown, Gotham Greens is dedicated to bringing you and your family nutritious, high-quality produce in the most sustainable way.

Jim Rash watermelons in field, and young boy eating a watermelon.

Jim Rash Watermelons

Jim Rash is a farm located in Hebron, Maryland and also a proud partner of Sprouts Farmers Market! Since their founding in 1983, Jim Rash has been delivering the freshest watermelons direct from their farms to our stores! Jim Rash goes above what’s expected because that’s just what makes sense. Their dedication to honesty and integrity guide them through extensive reviews, trainings and testing processes to ensure the best practice for all of their delicious produce. From the time their watermelons are planted, until the time they’re packed and shipped, you can be sure that the team at Jim Rash is growing juicy, nutritious watermelons. Growing watermelons isn’t just what they do, it’s who they are!

Owners of One Straw Farm in a greenhouse

One Straw Farm

The Normans started One Straw Farm in 1983 during the dawning resurgence of the organic movement. Natives of Baltimore county, Drew and Joan were one of the first farms in Maryland to become Certified Organic in 1986. Their operation has grown from an initial 83 acres to encompass a full-fledged family business with several farm enterprises including vegetables, pigs and laying hens. They support their community’s health through a thriving CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and have expanded their production to wholesale distribution in order to reach communities throughout Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic.