Immune Boosting Tips

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Immune Boosting Boost your immunity naturally and feel your best with vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies from Sprouts. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are happy to guide you through the aisles to help you stay well this season.

Keep Your Hands Clean

One of the best ways to reduce your chances of spreading germs is to simply keep your hands clean and minimize touching your face. You might think this is a no-brainer, but washing your hands properly can make a big difference. Opt for natural soaps and hand sanitizers instead of harsh, anti-bacterial soaps.

Fill Nutritional Gaps

Some say that eating a proper diet is all you need to get your recommended daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients for optimal health. But despite our best efforts, we often miss our nutritional mark by eating foods that lack many key nutrients. The good news? A simple, daily regimen of incorporating multivitamins, omega-rich oils, probiotics and superfoods can help bridge the nutritional gaps where your diet may fall short. Check out the Sprouts Essential 4 Supplements to kick-start your immunity!

Herbal Defense

It’s all too easy to forget the importance of strengthening the body’s defenses before sickness strikes. While tending to your immune system at any time never hurts, you will thank yourself for doing it sooner rather than later. Echinacea is a great way to start. Studies show it can support your immune function by helping to stimulate white blood cells. In addition to Echinacea, adaptogens are a simple way to help your immune system. This special group of plants can help balance, protect and restore the body. They can boost your immunity as well as potentially buffer the effects of stress—making it a great addition to your health routine!

Elderberry Power

Elderberries are a concentrated source of two antioxidants: quercetin and anthocyanin. These powerful antioxidants enhance the body’s immune response by increasing the production of cytokines. Cytokines are the immune system’s messengers, helping to regulate the body’s response to disease, inflammation and infection. The high antioxidant capacity in elderberries neutralizes harmful, free-radicals and helps support the body’s immunity against illness and disease. Elderberries are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, which is part of what makes it a great addition to your immune-boosting arsenal.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic tinctures and supplements are a natural way to stay well year-round. Try incorporating good-for-you minerals like zinc and magnesium, or utilizing Boiron Oscillococcinum at the onset of symptoms. Not sure where to start? Shop for these homeopathic brands to keep on hand:
  • Genexa Homeopathic
  • Nature’s Way Umcka
  • Boiron

Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano is a powerful, natural remedy that can help you prepare in advance to fight off symptoms. Made from the Oregano plant, it contains Thymol, a natural anti-septic and Beta-Caryophyllene, which can help reduce inflammation. Simply use a few drops in your hand soap for anti-microbial properties, convenient capsules or 2-3 liquid drops under your tongue for daily defense.

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