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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market partners with local farmers across the country to bring goodness into each of our communities. Sourcing local produce from family-run farms across Georgia allows us to offer you a variety of unique items every season. We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in Georgia to bring you and your family the best produce that’s full of goodness!

Green Circles Farm Family photo, and images of corn on the cob in green husks.

Green Circles Farm

Green Circles Farm has been growing the sweetest summer corn in Bainbridge, Georgia since 1975! This hands-on, family farm is proud to have three generations managing all aspects of the business. From planting and harvesting, to hand packaging each product, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the sweetest, highest-quality corn. Green Circles Farm continues to grow with family and the future in mind by implementing sustainable farming practices with the use of solar panels for their storage facility. They also continue to find innovative solutions across the business. As of 2016, they have expanded their crops throughout Georgia and Florida to provide consumers with their favorite sweet corn year-round.

Jim Rash and family and images of watermelons.

Jim Rash Watermelons

Since their founding in 1983, Jim Rash has been delivering the freshest watermelons direct from their farms to our stores! Jim Rash goes above what’s expected because that’s just what makes sense. Their dedication to honesty and integrity guide them through extensive reviews, training and testing processes to ensure the best practice for all of their delicious produce. From the time their watermelons are planted, until the time they’re packed and shipped, you can be sure that the team at Jim Rash is growing juicy, nutritious watermelons. Growing watermelons isn’t just what they do, it’s who they are!

Lewis Taylor Farms and boxes and crates of produce products.

Lewis Taylor Farms

Lewis Taylor Farms was a small, family-owned farm run by Lewis Taylor in 1945. After his sudden passing, William Mcallister and Edwin Walker bought the farm from the family in 1964 but kept the original namesake to continue his high-quality, farm-fresh produce legacy. Today, it’s a 5,600-acre farm with two packing facilities and 81 greenhouses proudly bringing the local Georgia community delicious greens, broccoli, melons and more!

Shuman Farms Farmers holding onions.

Shuman Farms

Shuman Farms provides the sweetest Vidalia onions that are grown locally in Cobbtown, Georgia during the spring and summer. This family-owned farm has been perfecting sweet onions for the last 30 years and prides itself on growing the highest-quality onions for you to enjoy. Each crop is harvested by hand, cleaned and sorted meticulously to ensure only the best arrive in your kitchen. We’re proud to work with local growers like Shuman Farms who believe in taking care of the communities they serve. They continuously work with organizations like Produce for Kids and Feeding America, which provide fresh produce to children and families in need.

Pile of squash and other vegetables, and image of farmer and field.

Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetable, Inc.

Southern Valley Fruit and Vegetable, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Kent Hamilton, a sixth-generation farmer, along with his father, brother and best friend. Today, Southern Valley is a woman-owned and family-operated growing, packing and shipping facility that provides our stores with fresh zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant and pickling cucumbers! Staying true to their farming roots, Southern Valley handles every aspect of the growing process from the seeds planted in their greenhouses, to harvesting and hand-packaging the best produce for your family.