Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has many health benefits. Internally it helps support new skin formation and immune function. Lauric acid is the primary saturated fatty acid found in coconut oil. It does not contain omega-3 essential fatty acids. Instead, it’s a rich source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) that increase the efficiency of your liver to burn fat for energy—making it great for losing weight or maintaining a healthy body weight. Externally, you can use the oil on your skin as it absorbs easily, helping to restore moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Coconut oil protects the skin and underlying tissues from the damaging effects of sunburns. It has a natural SPF 4 protection and allows the UVB rays necessary for immune-boosting vitamin D synthesis.

5 Creative Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Choosing products from your pantry that perform double—or triple—duty is an easy way to live a more eco-conscious, waste-less life. At the top of your multitasking list should be coconut oil—which is just as effective for cooking (try it with your next stir-fry or pour it over your popcorn) as it is for moisturizing dry skin, hair and nails.
  1. It doubles as an all-over body hydrator that’s inexpensive, versatile, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial.
  2. Plus, it has a decent amount of antioxidants and smells like macaroons. What’s not to love? With coconut oil, you can get a close shave without having to worry about moisturizing after.
  3. You can put a little on a cotton ball and sweep it over your eyes gently to take off your makeup.
  4. Or, you can stick with the Band-Aid approach and apply coconut oil to cuts and scrapes to speed up the healing process.
  5. Coconut oil is already used in many over-the-counter hair products, so why not cut to the chase and avoid all the unnecessary chemicals? Try applying it as a deep-conditioning hair treatment for damaged ends. Though you’ll never be able to repair damaged hair fully, studies say coconut oil provides the natural nutrition and essential proteins required for nourishing your stressed tresses.