Clearly Crafted

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Clearly CraftedClearly CraftedTM is Happy Family’s new line of transparent pouches with premium organic recipes for babies, featuring two Stage 1 flavors and ten Stage 2 flavors. Happy Family partnered with high-quality organic farms and suppliers that share their passion for making purposeful, nutritious foods. Each yummy recipe is made with wholesome and organic ingredients to help create vibrant flavors. With Clearly CraftedTM, Happy Family shares the information that all moms want to know most—what’s inside. Happy Family understands the importance of being mindful when shopping for and nourishing your little ones. That’s why you’ll find the recipe on every pouch full of fruits and veggies that can be traced back to high-quality farms and suppliers. Parents can feel confident shopping for their little ones with products set out to support happy and healthy babies. To learn more, visit