Explore Fresh Citrus Bursting with Flavor!

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Make spring days a little sweeter when you peel open a bright, juicy citrus that fills the room with a refreshing scent. With a variety of different citrus, you’re sure to find your zest one yet!


Celebrate Citrus

Cara Cara

Very low in acid, Cara Caras are bright and sweet with hints of cherry. They are typically bright and glossy, with a surprising slight rosy hue to the flesh.

Sumo Citrus®

These oversized mandarins combine easy-to-peel, Japanese Satsuma and sweet, juicy California orange. They have a bumpy, loose peel and sport a topknot with a perfectly balanced, sweet citrus flavor.

Heirloom Navels

Bright in color with thin skin that’s easy to peel. These seedless navels are perfect for kiddos with their rich flavor that’s balanced between sweet and tart.

Raspberry Oranges

Just like their name, these juicy citrus are full of a sweet raspberry flavor. Plus you’ll have fun slicing into these beauties to find a rich, deep red flesh.

Organic Mandarins

Naturally seedless and easy-to-peel, Organic Mandarins are the perfect on-the-go snack. Pack them for a road trip or add them to a lunch box for a sweet and juicy addition.

Minneola Tangelos

To grab the best of the Minneola Tangelos look for a fruit that is a bit heavy with unblemished skin. These Minneola Tangelos are both sweet and tart for a perfectly balanced snack.

Gold Nugget Mandarins

These citrus nuggets are extra sweet and juicy due to high sugar content. Plus, they’re seedless and easy-to-peel and segment for all age groups to enjoy!


This tiny-but-mighty fruit is naturally seedless and easy to peel. They’re sweet and perfect for snacking or adding onto a salad, dessert and so much more.

Now that you know how to pick ’em, give these recipes a try!

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Winter Citrus Crunch Salad

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Sweet Chili Orange Tofu

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Sumo Citrus Chia Seed Pudding

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