Celebrate Citrus!

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Winter days become sweeter when you start peeling a citrus fruit and spray the room with a little taste of the tropics. Your local Sprouts store may carry some or all of the following fruits, depending on what crops are available.

Celebrate Citrus

Blood Oranges

You wouldn’t really know what awaits inside these smaller, relatively thin-skinned reddish-orange fruits. But the flesh is usually a vivid blood-red color that has overtones of raspberry and strawberry. Blood oranges are less acidic than most other varieties.

Cara Cara Oranges

These oranges—a special varietal of navels—are very low in acid, so their sweet, slightly complex berry-like flavor really comes through. They are typically bright and glossy, with a surprising slight rosy hue to the flesh. Cara Caras were first discovered in the tropics of South America in 1976.

Gold Nuggets

This seedless mandarin has a bumpy, easy-to-peel, aromatic skin with a delicious sweet flavor. They’re named after the gold once found in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains where they’re grown today.

Meyer Lemons

With a darker golden-hued flesh than their common counter parts, Meyer lemons are a bright sparkle in the citrus world. They’re also sweeter than the lemons you’re used to—that’s because they’re less acidic and tangy. Other differences include their smaller, more round shape and thin, edible skin.

Seedless Lemons

These are just as delicious and bright as your favorite lemons, but without the hassle of seeds. Grown from a natural hybrid stock, seedless lemons were initially used by restaurants to save time and reduce waste—now you can too!

Sumo Citrus®

With a rich history dating back to 1970s Japan, these oversized mandarins were bred to combine the easy-to-peel, Japanese Satsuma with the sweet, juicy California orange. Sumo Citrus® have a bumpy, loose peel and sport a topknot with a perfectly balanced, sweet citrus flavor.

Uniq Fruit

They may look funny—some might even say ugly (they’re also known as Ugli® fruit)—but this member of the citrus family has a beautiful sunny golden interior. When removed, the knobby, mottled and puffy thick skin reveals a super juicy, and surprisingly sweet flavor reminiscent of a mandarin and grapefruit.

Vintage Navels

These oranges are grown from heirloom navel oranges, but that is where the similarity to the navel oranges ends. Their higher sugar levels lend to a luscious aroma and the ultimate, perfect orange sweetness.