Celebrate Citrus!

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It’s citrus season!

Make spring days a little sweeter when you peel open a bright, juicy citrus that fills the room with a refreshing scent. With a variety of different citrus like super sweet Sumo Citrus Mandarins, fragrant Meyer Lemons and snackable Kumquats, you’re sure to find your zest one yet!


Celebrate Citrus

Sumo Citrus®

With a rich history dating back to 1970s Japan, these oversized mandarins were bred to combine the easy-to-peel, Japanese Satsuma with the sweet, juicy California orange. Sumo Citrus® have a bumpy, loose peel and sport a topknot with a perfectly balanced, sweet citrus flavor.


This delightful variety is best enjoyed when freshly peeled and eaten out-of-hand as a zesty snack. They have sweet-tart flesh with an extra juicy bite. Choose ones that are heavy without any blemishes for a perfect pick.

Cara Cara Navel Oranges

These oranges—a special varietal of navels—are very low in acid, so their sweet, slightly complex berry-like flavor really comes through. They are typically bright and glossy, with a surprising slight rosy hue to the flesh. Cara Caras oranges were first discovered in the tropics of South America in 1976.

Raspberry Orange

The Raspberry Orange is the most colorful of all the blood oranges with deep red flesh. Their distinct flavor is slightly sweet with a subtle hint of raspberry.

Pink Lemons

These unique lemons are easily identifiable by their rind, which has green and off-white stripes. Once they’re cut open, their flesh is beautifully pink with a wonderfully fragrant flavor.


This tiny-but-mighty fruit is naturally seedless and easy to peel. The sweet, juicy flesh is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber. Use the small pieces atop a fresh salad for a pop of color and flavor.

Meyer Lemons

A delicious cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, this citrus variety has a light, floral flavor with a pleasantly sweet-sour bite. Meyer lemons are ideal for baking and adding freshness to a variety of recipes.


Bursting with tart, vibrant flavor, this bite-sized citrus fruit has a thin, edible rind making them perfect for an on-the-go treat that’s packed with nutrients.

Vintage Navels

These oranges are grown from heirloom navel oranges, but that is where the similarity to the navel oranges ends. Their higher sugar levels lend to a luscious aroma and the ultimate, perfect orange sweetness.

Gold Nugget Mandarins

These citrus nuggets are extra sweet with their high sugar content but balanced with mild acidity to create a sweet, fruity, and subtly tangy flavor.

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