Cherries: A Daily Dose of Antioxidants

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Bowl of cherries Cherry season is upon us! Throughout the summer, the produce bins at Sprouts will be piled high with bags of the crimson beauties (and maybe some yellow-pink Rainiers, too) A popular seasonal favorite, we carry the best quality and variety of cherries—just for you! Aside from their sweet tang and portability, cherries also happen to have one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit, about the same as blueberries. Antioxidants help to counter damage done to our cells by free radicals.

How to Pick the Best Cherries

How to Pick the Best Cherries When picking Bing cherries, look for large, firm fruit with a deep red-to-burgundy color. Rainier cherries should also be large and firm with yellow and red blushed skin. Brown spotting on Rainier cherries usually indicates higher sugar. Avoid cherries of any variety if the skin is soft or blemished or if they are sticky and leaking. While most of us know cherries as a snack or ingredient in pies, tarts and other desserts, (like this easy no-bake Cherry Cheesecake Mouse),their sweet tartness makes for a great addition to savory dishes, such as this Roasted Red Cherries & Red Onions recipe. Cherries are also delicious when pitted and dried, adding a delightful texture and flavor when added to salads. 

How to Pit a Cherry—the Easy Way

While it’s hard to find fault with cherries, the pesky pit can get in the way. You can purchase a pitter at kitchen specialty store or try this easy hack. To get started, you’ll need a drinking straw and favorite variety of cherries. Remove the stem and simply, press the straw through the base of the fruit and push the pit out—so easy!
Stemilt Hill Cherry Farm
Stemilt’s Dreamland farm near Wenatchee, Washington.

Stemilt: Our Cherry-growing Partner

Summertime is synonymous with sweet, fresh-picked cherries. Sunny, warm days, and Washington State’s perfect arid growing climate are among the many reasons we partner with the Mathison family—they’ve been farming cherries for over a century. Six generations of passion, persistence and innovation have made Stemilt a leading supplier of world-famous cherries. Each cherry is hand-picked, and the latest technology is used to deliver the freshest cherries available!  

A Responsible Choice

Since 1989, Stemilt has been committed to sustainability and regenerative agricultural practices. Their program, Responsible Choice®, focuses on organic farming, integrated pest management, reusable waste practices, solar energy and water conservation. Their goal is for all their team members and their families to live happy and healthy lives—enjoying the communities where they live, work and play.

Providing a Helping Hand

Stemilt is actively involved in giving back to their community. During the holidays, they give gifts to help foster kids in need. They also fund the construction of homeless shelters in their local community and have an internal program called Helping Hands that assists their team members in times of need.   
Stemilt Cherry Farmer at Harvest
Harvesttime with fourth-generation farmer, Kyle Mathison.

One-of-a-Kind Cherries

An exclusive provider, look for these three types of Stemilt cherries in our stores:
  • Kyle’s Pick® – Considered the best in the world, these reserved cherry varieties are harvested in central Washington and deliver dessert-like flavors.
  • A Half Mile Closer to the Moon® – Grown at 2,640 feet above sea level and higher, these dark-cherries are harvested late in the season for an incredibly juicy and aromatic experience.
  • Skylar Rays® – Firm, crunchy and especially sweet—these cherries are like biting into your favorite candy!