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Healthy Choices

Weekly Meal Planning & Prepping

Set yourself up for success by planning out your weekly meals and snacks in advance.  Then, save time by doing some meal prep. We'll show you how!

Bring on the Beans

Whether you’re enjoying beans on the side or as the main dish, here’s a quick guide to get started!

An Opal a day…

Bright and tasty, Opal apples are deliciously different.


With “Good & Creamy” Yogurt and “Farmstyle” Greek Yogurt, you’re getting the highest quality yogurt made with the best ingredients.

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure’s goal is still to inspire, motivate, and empower as many people as possible to good health.

Wake up and get glowing!

Learn how to make a refreshing drink recipe with NeoCell's Derma MatrixTM and Cameron's Coffee.

Superfoods for a Super New Year

Superfoods can help you get the most nutrition bang per bite.

January 2017 New for You

New items are always sprouting up at your local Sprouts each month. Here are just a few new items you can find during your next shopping adventure. Availability may vary by location.

From Sea to Skin

Dive in for more beautiful skin and hair.

Overnight Oats

Simply start with a base of yogurt, milk and granola or rolled oats, then sprinkle in the add-ins to create your favorite flavor. Check out these recipes to help get you started!

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