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Healthy Choices

Summertime Grilling with Kabobs

How much do we love kabobs? You might say we’re kab-obsessed!

Your Guide to Grilling up Greatness

It’s the perfect time to get your friends and family together to take in the fresh spring air while enjoying some smoky, saucy, messy-finger goodness.

Campfire-Friendly Recipes

With these go-to recipes to make by the fire or on the grill, you can be sure you’ll be a happy camper this summer.

DIY Lemonade Station

A DIY lemonade station gives homage to the easy days of youth while exciting guests with add-ins like fruit and herbs.

Butcher Shop beef – a Cut Above the Rest!

Whether you’re making burgers, tacos or old fashioned meat loaf, you’ll be happy to know that Sprouts Old Tyme Butcher Shop ground beef is produced fresh at every store.

Mooooove Over to Sprouts & Shop Grass-Fed Beef

Taste the difference and enjoy the clean, earthy flavor of grass-fed beef!

Top 4: Papaya Recipes

Enjoy these tropical recipes from our blogger friends.

DIY Burger Bar

This fun, crowd-pleasing DIY burger bar is the perfect solution to satisfy hungry guests of all dietary backgrounds.

Melon Mania!

What's more refreshing and delicious than melon on a hot summer's day? Branch out of the normal watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew varieties and try one of the unique, specialty melons available in-store today!

Top 4: Beet Recipes

Feel the beet - try these delicious recipes today!

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