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Healthy Choices

Perfect Summer Picnic with Sprouts Market Corner Deli

The perfect picnic is right around the corner!

How to Pick a Good Sunscreen

In partnership with the Environmental Working Group, Sprouts wants to share the importance of sun safety. With the right natural sunscreen, you can soak up the best parts of the sun without harming your skin.

Homemade Salad Dressings

We’ve made whipping up fresh salad dressings at home a cinch!

What Is Paleo?

Simply put, the Paleo Diet stresses the benefits of eating natural plants and animals for optimum health.

Neighborhood Grants

This grant program is available to local nonprofit organizations in the states where Sprouts Farmers Market operates. The Grant Application is available from June 10 to August 10, 2017.

Gluten-Free Recipe eBook

Check out our brand new, gluten-free recipe eBook that will surely get your taste buds tingling!

Smoothie Stars Recipe eBook

Check out our brand new, plant-based recipe eBook that will surely get your taste buds tingling!

Supercharge Your Smoothie

Smoothies are great all on their own, but why not upgrade your daily concoction with nutrient-rich boosts like Echinacea, chia and matcha powder?

The Perfect Summer Picnic

Looking for tips to make your picnic picture perfect? Check out this prepared menu and checklist to help make planning a cinch.


Caveman Chicken Bites are delicious on their own or paired with foods like hummus, salads and omelets!

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