What products are available?

We’re committed to offering you access to the healthy foods you rely on us for during this unprecedented time. Our local teams are working hard to keep our stores stocked by working closely with our distribution center and supply chain partners to ensure regular deliveries. We’re confident in our continued supply and ask you to be mindful of your neighbors when making purchases on your next visit. We will continue to offer delivery and pickup services where applicable through Instacart.

We are reopening self-serve bulk bins over the next several months and are currently preparing the necessary equipment needed at certain locations store to ensure we meet proper hygiene measures for our guests. Availability at your local Sprouts will vary based on equipment and fixture deliveries, so make sure to check regularly as you shop. The following self-service areas have been closed: salad bar, olive bar, and soup bar. When possible, customers will be guided to pre-packaged items from these areas.