Sprouts Farmers Markets

Disclosure under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

Sprouts Farmers Market (“Sprouts”) is committed to socially responsible, lawful, and ethical business practices. That commitment extends to our supply chain, and we expect our suppliers to conduct themselves in the same manner.
  1. Risk Assessment. Sprouts team members responsible for risk management perform assessments of the company’s product supply chain to evaluate and address risks associated with slavery and human trafficking.
  2. Auditing. Our supplier contracts require compliance with applicable laws which includes laws relating to slavery and human trafficking. We work with third parties to perform independent audits (which may be announced or unannounced) to evaluate compliance by suppliers of Sprouts-branded products that include both food safety and compliance with laws.
  3. Certification Requirements. We are in the process of requiring all of our direct suppliers to certify that the materials incorporated into products they sell to Sprouts comply with all applicable laws regarding child labor, anti-slavery, and anti-human trafficking of the countries in which suppliers are doing business.
  4. Internal Accountability. Sprouts’ team members must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Ethics, which requires compliance with all laws, including laws addressing child labor, anti-slavery, and anti-human trafficking. Violations of the Code of Conduct and Ethics by team members may result in disciplinary action up to discharge. Violations by contractors may result in their dismissal.
  5. Procurement Training. We are in the process of developing a training program for team members with primary supply chain responsibilities to educate them on slavery and human trafficking and how to identify and mitigate risks within our supply chain