Celebrate the goodness of summer!

Celebrate the goodness of summer!

Summer scene with dad grilling and kids eating at a picnic table
Summer scene with dad grilling and kids eating at a picnic table

Grill Better with the Best!

Grill Better with the Best!

Grilling up a delicious meal starts with choosing the best, high-quality meat. At Sprouts, we source from small suppliers and family farmers we trust to provide you and your family the freshest meat around.

Grass-fed Angus Steaks

100% Grass-fed Angus Steaks

Our 100% grass-fed Angus steaks come from cattle raised by trusted family ranchers on nutrient-rich, open pastures in the U.S. and are never given antibiotics or added hormones … ever! 

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Sprouts Farmers Market Sausages

No Antibiotics, Ever Sausages

In the mood for something unique? Choose from over 15 delicious varieties of tender, mouth-watering sausages for your cookout like our buffalo chicken, pork gyoza or spicy hatch chicken or pork sausages.

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BBQ Ribs

Craveable BBQ Ribs

A rack of BBQ ribs has never tasted better! Choose from bone-in, boneless or grass-fed to bring you the most flavorful ribs that cook up perfectly tender, every time.

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Quality You Can Taste

Grass Run Farms

Quality You Can Taste

Grass Run Farms

We're committed to sourcing wholesome, grass-fed Angus steaks for you and your family. It takes special care and attention to raise happy and healthy herds. Grass Run Farms® works with trusted U.S. family ranchers dedicated to ensuring the health and wellbeing of their cattle throughout the seasons.

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Sprouts Farmers Market summer produce board

Corn Snail

Build a Backyard Board

Fresh, high-quality produce is always in season at Sprouts! Save all those fancy dishes and cook up a delectable charcuterie board to enjoy outdoors full of your grilling favorites … and some unique items too!

  • Keep them colorful! Add a variety of colorful veggies like summer squash, eggplant and bell peppers. They’re easy to grill and extra nutritious.
  • Add something sweet! When grilled, the sweet notes of summer fruit are elevated from the flame, bringing out a rich, caramelized flavor.
  • Get creative! Explore the produce aisle to find something you’ve never tried before. The grill is a great place to experiment.
  • Don’t forget the dip! Hummus, tzatziki and fresh guacamole will brighten up any board.

Pro tip! Pair your grilled fruits and veggies with Halloumi cheese. It’s mild, salty and has a high melting point so it can easily be grilled or fried.

Dig into these backyard boards!

Celebrate what's in season now ... with the cherry on top!

Plump and juicy cherries transform any bite into something worth celebrating. Summer’s sweetest are ripe for the pickin’–we’ve sourced the freshest, most flavorful cherry varieties for you to enjoy from trusted, family farms!

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Adventure is calling … bring healthy goodness on-the-go!

Delight in truly unique discoveries curated to bring joy to your sunny summer days and celebrations like cookouts, picnics, pool time and more!

Abundance of fresh produce

Have your water and eat it too!

Explore all the best hydrating fruits & veggies for your outdoor adventures.

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Snack time made easy!

Take your keto, gluten-free, plant-based and organic snacks with you to fuel the day ahead.

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Abundance of snacks from Spouts Farmers Market
Picnic table with food

Easy Picnic Ideas

Take mealtime outside this summer with easy-to-make picnic basket full of delicious items to fit your lifestyle.

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Pure formulas for pure fun!

Have fun in the sun safely with naturally effective sunscreen, from mineral-based, zinc and reef-safe formulas, we have you covered!

Plus, insect repellents made from better-for-you ingredients for healthy, protected and nourished skin.

  • Badger Bug Spray: Repels insects naturally with citronella, rosemary and wintergreen essential oils.
  • Badger Aloe Vera Gel: Nature’s best moisturizer! Aloe vera can help cool and soothe an unwanted sunburn … naturally!
  • Badger Kids Sunscreen: Protect the kiddos with a water resistant, moisturizing sunscreen with Clear Zinc Oxide, safe for sensitive skin.
  • DermaE Sunscreen Spray: A quick-drying, easy-to-apply sunscreen to protect your skin so you can enjoy the adventures all day long.
  • DermaeE Oil Free Face Lotion: This oil-free, lightweight formula delivers strong UVA/UVB protection without a heavy sunscreen feel.
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Sunscreen and bug spray for summer